Tony Khan pre-AEW All Out media call notes: Dark, Casino Battle Royale, CM Punk

Originally published at Tony Khan pre-AEW All Out media call notes: Dark, Casino Battle Royale

Tony Khan hosts a media call before All Out.

Ahead of AEW’s All Out pay-per-view on September 5th, company President Tony Khan hosted a media call to discuss all things surrounding the pay-per-view and All Elite Wrestling.

Below are some highlights from the call and the audio can be heard via

  • Tony says there is a belt in wrestling that used to be important that has been retired and brought back and now it means nothing. He doesn’t want the TNT Title to become that.
  • He doesn’t understand how WCW made it so far with so many people having creative control in their contracts. Adds that nobody has creative control including CM Punk.
  • Tony says he’ll consider the idea of bringing AEW to Israel.
  • Riho is added to the Women’s Casino Battle Royale at All Out and a surprise is being teased for the match.
  • He mentions that he loaned some of AEW talent over to the NWA for EmPowerrr.
  • Tony doesn’t understand some of the things CM Punk was asked to do before he left wrestling. If Punk has an issue in AEW, he wants Punk to bring it up and address it directly with him.
  • He is not big on the term ‘mid-card championship’. He does not view the TNT Title in that manner.
  • Khan says the idea that women being on The BUY-IN somehow meaning he doesn’t have confidence in the division is “crazy”.
  • When asked if he thinks AEW is close to having a full roster, he said he doesn’t believe there is such a thing. He has no salary cap and decides how big AEW grows.
  • Tony speaks about the relationships he has with different company owners and promoters. He spoke highly of Rocky Romero.
  • He feels that Britt Baker is the most improved wrestler of the last several years.
  • Tony says AEW will use Universal Studios the same way WCW did for their ‘Worldwide’ program.
  • He thinks a set of Trios Title would “kick ass”.
  • Khan spoke highly of Daniel Garcia and 2point0. Adds that not every signing has to be a Moxley or a CM Punk.
  • He recently chatted with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about AEW’s growth.
  • Tony discussed the reaction Anna Jay got for her return on the 9/1 Dynamite and how exciting that was.

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