Tony Khan thanks himself!

I love Tony and AEW but this is hilarious

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It’s the version of “Thank You Vince” that makes you roll your eyes instead of making you want to vomit.

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  1. Wasnt Dynamite 200 months ago? Why wasnt this a thing back then? Is there nothing better to do, so we have to pull out shit like this?

  2. Do we know the graphics department didnt do this and put it up when everyone went out there and he didnt know about it? Or are we just assuming like clowns?


200 actually is pretty impressive. Nitro only made it 288


Yeah, this is from August 2023 and was lead by MJF.

Do you really think Tony is responsible for all the graphics on the show?


This feels like the sort of thing a bunch of employees would do for their boss when they like the boss, not something a boss would arrange for himself.