Tony Khan vs. Randy Orton on Twitter

That was better then watching moovie where cow jump and run around like pursing

As I am from Germany I don’t get it completely. Is he defending racial slurs by mentioning that TK is from the south?

He’s calling him Dixie Carter from TNA, a rich kid spending dad’s money on wrestling

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I think Tony Khan looks really unlikeable and petty here. Initially it’s not a good or obvious joke and engaging with Orton just makes them look minor league.

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admit it. There’s a bias here

You think Tony Khan is biased against wwe or randy Orton is biased in favour of?

Think that goes without saying.

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Randy Orton is right - TK is a guy living off daddy’s money running a wrestling company like Dixie.

But I mean is Shane any better? All these kids are useless like that

You could say the same thing about Vince himself. Orton too, actually. Wrestling is unashamedly dominated by nepotism and family lineage, just because Orton and Vince took advantage of their father’s success decades ago doesn’t mean it’s any different to Khan doing so now.

Like most Twitter spats, this is petty and lame.

Big points for Randy on the latest comeback. But the reality is, Orton is tweeting with TK to get buzz. TK doesn’t need to tag Orton, but Orton loves the attention from a portion of the audience that doesn’t give a shit about him and now they do. Smart by Orton. Not sure why TK responded, except to play around and know wrestling fans will have a blast with it. He’s a wrestling fan after all.

Petty from both. Not impressed with either. Good work from CM Punk though. Tony Khan seems salty about not getting CM Punk and CM Punk came with an extremely obvious poke and Tony Khan responded. Idiot.

CM Punk saying “nobody is safe” and TK responding with a topic that is clearly “off-limits” highlighting that obviously some things are safe.

What was the extremely obvious poke? Tagging him?

Honestly if FS1 wants to have a show covering wrestling and not fluff-shoulder programming for one of its properties it should talk about AEW.

I reiterate my concept of Around the Horn with a rotating panel of wrestling Journo’s and Dirt Sheet reporters (the ones who have any credibility of course) discussing the daily news

Today’s format:
first segment: 7 minutes discussing the merits of Tony Kahn responding and the different takes
second segment: 7 minutes discussing RAW fallout
third segment: rapid fire topics including expectations for Wednesday ratings and impact of RAW plugging NXT’s open door.

That is a 30 minute show that with the write talking heads: Alvarez, Pollock, Bix, a former WWE writer like Brian Mann, maybe a former talent, and a good host would be a must listen podcast and probably do the same rating a WWE fluff piece is doing if it was positioned on ESPN2 at 10:30 tonight. All can be shot via satellite which limits cost of ESPN to produce it. And the changing guests - some weeks bring in Meltzer, or Cornette, or literally anyone who has takes and credibility on the reporting side of the business. It’s so easy I might have to make a call


Has twitter done anything good for pro wrestling? Besides @Archive_A_Wai of course.

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It’s a very french type of format. We do that in France where we gather all kinds of journalists around a table to talk about different topics. I like it.

Tony Khan seems salty about not getting CM Punk

Are we sure the Fox deal Punk signed comes with a no compete clause. Who says he cant wrestle in AEW and do the Fox show

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This was break the wrestling universe!!