Tony Khan vs. Randy Orton on Twitter

Better than watching Raw already, ladies and gentlemen.

This :clap: is :clap: Awesome

This has been a great alternative to Raw

Like Brandi said, Tony with the TKO.

Khan countered the RKO outta nowhere

I’m calling it now…Ricochet is Randy Orton’s mystery partner and they win the tag team titles, further screwing up the triple threat tag match at Survivor Series.

Edit: Looks like its not for the tag titles, but wouldnt have been surprising for them to do something like that.

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I’m watching this now (just tuned in) and I thought it was for the tag titles. They showed the graphic.

I will say, it’s sad that there was absolutely zero excitement for a partner reveal in the main segment of Raw.

It’s equally sad Randy Orton will never have a a chance to perform in front of a rabid, engaged, excited fan base again


Yea, apparently it is for the titles. Vic Joseph wasnt talking like it was.

I think it’s equally sad you are wasting your life watching such a pathetic show. Why don’t you just turn it off and do anything else?



That was a bit mean but I being serious. If people stopped watching maybe the show would get better because the ratings would tank. This show from all accounts if absolutely unwatchable. Why don’t you turn it off and send a message?

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You’re fucking scum and I dont care if I get a ban for saying that.

Yeah, I’m wasting my life watching such a pathetic show.

You think Raw is pathetic, you dislike AEW, and yet you want to pass judgement on who is wasting their life watching a pathetic show. What are you doing here?

In the words of somebody else - Debate me.

Pathetic post. You can do better.


I don’t dislike AEW. I only watch that and NXT. I just like NXT better.

RAW and Smackdown are pathetic. Like they are actually so bad that I can’t believe so may people watch them.

The last few months are all comments about how bad they shows are. They consistently score a failing grade on here.

So why don’t people just stop watching? Send WWE a message and let ratings drop so that they will be forced to change things.

You have enough wrestling around to watch otherwise that’s good don’t you?

See, this was a better post. I knew you had it in you :wave::facepunch:

Answering your question, because I don’t think it’s going to change regardless of the ratings. The ratings have tanked in case you live in a cave. The numbers they do today compared to just 5/6 years ago are way down and back then ppl were saying the ratings were tanking.

Personally, tonight, I turned it on because I enjoy following the industry and after 13 hours grinding away in a corporate job in New York City, I figured I’d flip it on when I got home to simply have something a bit mindless on in the background. It’s as simple as escapism. It’s not that important; it’s a hobby to discuss on a forum and listen to podcasts. Now, when I listen to the podcast tomorrow I’ll have formed my own opinion to compare to what the guys and everyone’s feedback thinks.

I don’t give a shit if main brand WWE ever changes. It has its function in the landscape. It’s like, decent enough to hate watch and fun to bash it. It’s not high end wrestling like New Japan and it isn’t as exciting and captivating as AEW or NXT. Who cares.

A hobby shared with others isn’t a wasting my life, nor anyone else who watches it. I’m sure it serves a function or purpose in life for its viewers. I just gave you mine.


A guy like this will never get that through his head.

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Wrestling fans can take it too serious sometimes and I get that. But the assumption we all take it SO SERIOUS is just silly.

This thread is about Tony Khan and Randy Orton twitter beefing. It’s fun. It’s the equivalent of a LeBron James subtweet at somebody. Or Kyrie being thorny. Like the talking heads debating if the guy on the Bengals should go to jail for assault. It’s fun to follow, as ridiculous as it is. Just don’t make it life or death.

We’re all talking on a wrestling message board so someone watching wrestling is to be expected. Half the fun of RAW is hearing what John and Wai say about it/attempt to make sense of it.

The show is usually not great but there are sometimes good segments but it’s wrestling and I think it’s something anyone here would enjoy.

So go jerk to Io Shirai matches or whatever you do on Mondays

Jacksonville Dixie my god


Lol really? Smh