Tony Schiavone to interview Sting on 12/9 AEW Dynamite

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Last week on AEW’s ‘Winter Is Coming’ edition of Dynamite, WWE Hall Of Famer and former multi-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sting made his return to TNT programming for the first time since the Monday Night Wars between WWF and WCW. Sting ran off Team Taz (Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs, Brian Cage & Taz) as they were beating down Arn Anderson, Cody Rhodes and the TNT Champion Darby Allin.

After coming in for the save, Sting stared down all who remained in the ring. Shortly after his appearance, it was announced that he signed a multi-year contract with All Elite Wrestling. On the 12/9 episode of Dynamite, he’ll be back on the show and Tony Schiavone will conduct an interview with him.

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On this same episode of Dynamite, Kenny Omega captured the AEW World Championship and ran off with IMPACT Wrestling Co-Executive Vice President Don Callis. Omega is scheduled to appear on this coming Tuesday’s episode of IMPACT on AXS.

Tony Schiavone to interview Sting

As well he should. All good things for the man called Schiavone!

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Is putting the silent, mysterious Sting in a sit-down interview segment a good idea? Doesn’t seem to fit.

He could steal Sammy’s gimmick and have signs to do his talking?

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C’mon…you are reaching here. He hasnt been silent in 23 years and is barely mysterious. Especially after all the times he appeared as Steve Borden on TNA.

So they don’t want to present him as he was during his best period?

I’m trying to imagine deadman Undertaker in a sit down interview. Can’t imagine it working. Only gimmick wrestler that had a great sit-down interview was Mankind with JR.

Why would you want him to be presented as he was 23 years ago? Should the character not evolve in some way?

What was even the reason for Sting turning into a darker character? I dont even remember. If I just think about it right now, I’d take it that he was scared of the nWo and went into hiding. But he was never really that dark longer than 2 years, if that. The guy joined the Wolfpac and was acting totally different.

It’s been done before, brother…And done quite effectively, at that.



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The way WWE presented him is how he should be presented. The issue there was the storyline and the booking but the idea of him not saying a whole lot, showing up out of nowhere and beating people up was spot on. Presenting him as a regular wrestler isn’t great in my opinion.

And people aren’t excited about Sting because of what he did outside of him being an emo with a bat in the late 90s.

Let’s at least give this a chance to suck before we bury it! It’s not like they’re sending him into the Firefly Funhouse or something. I’ll give AEW the benefit of the doubt.

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Discussing if something might be a good idea or not isn’t really that outrageous but then again, there are the rules when talking about AEW that I maybe should’ve considered…

He felt aggrieved that WCW questioned his integrity by not trusting that he was going to decline the NWO’s invitation to join them and stand with WCW.

I’m with you, but it can be done. They just need to work to keep the mystique that made a 61 year old man who was physically broken look so ‘cool’ last week.

When my 6 year old son saw me marking out at Sting’s return he asked about him and like any decent father I immediately took him to school for the next 2 hours :laughing:. Home school was put aside and we watched almost all the Sting clips from every Nitro from just before War Games 1996 to April 1997. He was almost in tears when fake Sting framed the man himself and we had a big discussion about Sting’s motives, which made the huge cheer he gave as Sting himself finally attacked the nWo in March so worth it.

I worry for my kid in a playground when school resumes normality when all the kids are talking about YouTubers and he’s telling them about Sting and Lex Luger :joy:.


I wouldn’t worry about him. What you have shown him is almost certainly far more intelligent that the shit his friends will have been watching.