Top Gun:Maverick is Booked Perfectly!

I finally saw Top Gun:Maverick last night and it definitely hit the right nostalgic notes. I wasn’t a huge Top Gun fan but ever since I couldn’t see movies(in an actual theater!) for almost 2 years, I’m seeing all the blockbusters I can on the big screen.
Much like Star Wars Episode 7, Maverick took just enough from the source material to make itself feel familiar but with a updated look. The movie starts off with Kenny Loggins “Danger Zone” for God’s sake and I’m all for it. There’s plenty of cheese in this movie and it’s better off for it.
Maverick ties up all loose ends from the first movie and makes you feel good by the end. Maybe you’ll even shed a few man-tears by the end. This type of movie might not work for every reboot/sequel but Mr. Cruise and Company nailed this one.
Talk about long term booking.

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I have very little affinity for Tony Scott’s original, but can understand why many do. That said, growing up on Simpson /Bruckheimer actioners of the 80’s and 90’s, does hit me with nostalgia.

Taking out the insane politics of this film, and looking at it as pure spectacle, this was one of the most exhilarating films I’ve seen in year. Maybe Fury Road? Especially the final 40 minutes.

The last thirty minutes are absolutely terrific.

This feels like the first ready “Summer Movie” in ages, as the last decade plus have been dominated by the MCU template. Happy to see something like this.

Also, feels like Tom Cruise’s first film that deal with him aging, and I think not shying away from that definitely gives a really interesting feel to the movie.

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