Top two matches announced for WWE Extreme Rules

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The top two matches have been announced for WWE’s Extreme Rules event that takes place on Sunday, July 14th in Philadelphia.

On Raw, the expected mixed tag match involving Universal champion Seth Rollins and Raw women’s champion Becky Lynch going against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans was set up. The stipulation is ‘Winners Take All’ with both titles on the line and if Corbin and Evans lose, they get no more title matches against Rollins and Lynch.

The second match made is a tag match with Roman Reigns & The Undertaker against Drew McIntyre & Shane McMahon. The match was set up when McIntyre & McMahon were double-teaming Reigns during a 2-on-1 match and Undertaker made the save with the lights going out.

It also appears that Kofi Kingston’s next challenger for the WWE title will be Samoa Joe. Kingston was making his way up the ramp and was attacked by Joe, who laid him out with a uranage and Coquina Clutch.

They better dial up something special for that Lynch/Rollins vs. Corbin/Evans match or else the Philly crowd might really turn on it.

This wild card thing is really annoying me. If you’re not gonna have two seperate shows with two seperate rosters then don’t have two sets of titles. Wrestlers on Raw going for titles on SmackDown makes no fucking sense.

The wild card doesn’t bother me as much at the moment, but I’ve lost track of which guys are on which roster at this point. Main event level guys seem to be on both shows almost every week. I think they are at such a low level of star power it’s an all hands on deck mentality for both TV shows. It will bother me more if they play up the brand vs brand storyline for Survivor Series again this year.

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Maybe they will have Raw & SD jobbers/midcarders team up to take down the main eventers that are stealing spots from them. We can relive the great New Blood vs Millionaires Club story.

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Is it just me or does it seem strange to have Undertaker teaming with Roman? I get having Taker back is good for numbers, but I would rather see him doing something with a guy like Alister Black to try to build up more stars,

They are spooked by the low paid attendance for Stomping Ground.

That main event is in serious trouble, nobody is buying Baron/Lacey winning

If Brock cashes in during the Winners Take All Match, will Sable be the RAW Women’s Champ?

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