Toronto to host SummerSlam weekend in 2019

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The WWE announced through Entertainment Tonight Canada that SummerSlam weekend will take place from Toronto in 2019 with four consecutive nights at Scotiabank Arena (the former Air Canada Centre).

SummerSlam weekend itself is being moved up a week with the shows scheduled for Saturday, August 10th through Tuesday, August 13th. In addition, they will be holding a SummerSlam Fan Axxess convention at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre during the week.

This is the first year that SummerSlam will take place outside of Brooklyn since 2014. New York and New Jersey are set to host WrestleMania weekend in 2019, therefore moving SummerSlam to another location next year.

It is the first time that Toronto has hosted a SummerSlam event since August 2004 at the same building, which featured Randy Orton defeating Chris Benoit in the main event for the World title.

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Here’s a question worth asking in the wake of the interview with Lisa Riddle where she said WWE only gave Matt a contract immediately after New Japan contacted him – is Summerslam moving a week earlier solely to take a shot at the G1 Climax? As John noted in the story, Summerslam weekend has recently taken place the week after (starting with Summerslam 2015 when it happened on August 23 up until this year’s on August 19th), and the G1 Climax traditionally has their final shows the weekend prior (G1 ended August 12 this year, August 13 in 2017, August 14 in 2016, and so on). After ROH/NJPW sold out MSG over Mania weekend in the mean time, I have to feel the earlier date is not a coincidence. I don’t think NJPW has announced the 2019 G1 dates yet, so it’s not a major deal, but it’s still something I feel is worth noting. The calm before the storm in WWE taking on NJPW/ROH?

What would that accomplish? I can see if the WWE announced the Royal Rumble is now on January 4, but I dont really think they give a shit about the G1. Its also during the last days of the G1, when people will already most likely have purchased NJPW World, so it will take away no business from them. New Japan shows also dont even air anywhere close to the same time.

Conspiracy theories arent needed for everything. If they have reasons, I’m sure New Japan arent among them.

I never said it would have put a serious dent in business or anything (the biggest dent might be coverage with wrestling websites, honestly. They will obviously cover all the shows, but now NJPW won’t have its second biggest event of the year have coverage all by itself), but I just don’t think it’s a coincidence given where they have put Summerslam weekend since 2015, and where the G1 Climax traditionally has their final shows. Just thought it was something worth noting.

Sure it will be covered all by itself. New Japan events take place more than 12 hours before WWE events start.

Off topic but since they’re in Toronto look out for Jason Sensation.

I got my gun through security & will shoot myself in the head & kill myself during tonight’s #RAW in Toronto. Don’t ya dare miss it!!! Thanks for the memories @WWE

— Jason Sensation (@JasonSensationX) August 27, 2018

Anything for ratings…ATTITUDE BAK

First of all, I now have to find a way to save my money to come to Toronto next year for this.

Next, I would be surprise that the date change was mostly because that was the only weekend the Scotia bank arena was free for a 4 days period and That’s why they booked it that weekend instead of the normal end of summer weekend.

Anyway, while I’m starting to get jealous that Toronto gets all the big wwe events instead of us in Montreal, I’m still excited about having summerslam in Canada this year and let’s hope that this will not be the last time this happens

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Atleast you actually get Raw’s and had PPVs this century.

Vancouver gets nothing but house shows.

That’s true, but Toronto will always be the major market for WWE in canada. Before this year Raw and Smackdown tapings, we were getting just as much house shows as you guys. Those taping we’re the first time tv came to montreal since Jerry Lawler almost died on TV. I’m guessing having one of your commentator almost die on national tv might make you not want to bring back tv to that market.

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I predicted this after NY/NJ was announced for Mania next year. Glad to see as I was right, i’m probably going to do everything so it’ll be an expensive weekend.

Imagine 74 year old Vinny Mac sitting in his office saying “well damnit guys, the G1 finals are this weekend… let’s change SummerSlam!”

But anyway, pretty excited next August. Ill likely do NXT, SummerSlam and fan axess. I think taking on Raw and Smackdown would be a bit much.

Post meet up/beers?

I’d get tickets for Takeover, after that the other events are up in the air. Also would be down for a meet up.

It’s a long way off - but I definitely want to do a POST meet up that weekend, if not something more, so stay tuned as we figure out some ideas.


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