TRMPS #14: Fast Five (2011) w/ Joey Lewandowski & Joe Two

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Bem Vindos, POST-Marks! This week on The Rocky Maivia Picture Show, we’re headed to Rio de Janeiro as we enter “Phase Three” of Dwayne Johnson’s film career!

On this installment of TRMPS, Nate Milton welcomes 1st-time guests Joey Lewandowski & Joe Two of the “2 Fast 2 Forever podcast into the theater! The guys hit the road to recap The Rock’s first ride as DSS Agent Luke “Rebecca” Hobbs in 2011’s Fast Five.

Topics discussed include The Rock’s importance to the Fast & Furious franchise (and vice-versa), the character of Hobbs, the significance of “Fast Five” to the overall franchise, and the ongoing “Family Feud”. All that and so much more on this NOS-fueled edition of the program!

The Rocky Maivia Picture Show is a monthly movie review podcast that drops every 3rd Saturday on POST Wrestling!


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Thank you Joey for setting Nate right and stating that Gina was/is leagues better than Rousey as an actress.

Lol! I love me some Gina Carano (and I think she would have excelled in pro-wrasslin’), but I had to side w/my man Joe Two in his assertion that the franchise did her no favors by immediately going to Rousey in the next film. :100: