TRMPS #28: Fast & Furious 8 – The Fate Of The Furious w/ 2 Fast 2 Forever & Benno

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Finally…The Rocky Maivia Picture Show has come back to your podcast feed!

This month on TRMPS, Nate Milton heads back into “The Fastiverse” to review one of the most polarizing entries in the Fast & Furious franchise with Joey Lewandowski & Joe Two (2 Fast 2 Forever). Nate & The Joes are joined on their journey by F&F aficionado, Benno (GRAPPL, The British Wrestling Experience)!

Topics discussed include: The evolution of the Hobbs character, the franchise’s convoluted naming conventions, Deckard Shaw’s babyface turn & the #JusticeForHan movement, our issues with Cipher, and the Rock n’ Rap connection!

Remember, it’s about drive, it’s about power, so sit back & relax for the next two hours as you listen to the first TRMPS of 2022!

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This was a fun show and it’s good to hear the guys from “2 Fast 2 Forever” and Benno talk about a movie that I was surprised make THAT much money worldwide.

Great show guys, and yes Ed Sheeran had a strong three year hold in the music industry from 2016 - 2019, I’d say.

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