Two title changes at MLW's Superfight card in Philadelphia

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Photo courtesy: MLW

MLW held their Superfight event at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia on Saturday with a live special on beIN Sports.

The one-hour special featured two title changes, including the long built up match between Low Ki and Tom Lawlor. The match culminated in Lawlor defeating Low Ki to become the third MLW champion since the group was revived in 2017. Low Ki had been the promotion’s champion since July.

The special also saw the Hart Foundation tandem of Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Teddy Hart defeating Pentagon Jr. and Fenix for the MLW tag titles.

The live special also featured Ricky Martinez defeating Kotto Brazil.

I attended this show and had a fun time. Originally, I thought this live TV portion was two hours, based on what my cable guide said, but based on when the main event started and ended, I realized otherwise. I thought Low Ki and Lawlor made the most out of their time. Low Ki punchdd through a door! I still have to eatch all of this back.

I wrote about what happened that didn’t air live, taped for future episodes of Fusion.

I like what they do in MLW with the exception of to many hardcore type matches. I dont mind some things being used on occasion but to much plunder for me, a door under the ring just doesnt work for me, if its going to be there it should be something that makes sense

Dude they need that door how do you think Hornswoggle gets under there?