Tyler Breeze: If my career was over today, I think I'd be satisfied with what I've done

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2021/10/20/tyler-breeze-if-my-career-was-over-today-i-think-id-be-satisfied-with-what-ive-done/

Tyler Breeze reflects on his decade-plus long career.

After spending 11 years with WWE, Matt Clement (Tyler Breeze) was released from the company. Throughout his years in WWE, he captured the NXT and FCW Tag Titles along with being spotlighted on Raw, SmackDown and NXT at various points throughout his run.

Breeze is 33 years of age and the last time he competed outside of WWE was in 2019 while the company was working with EVOLVE. He was the latest guest to chat with Chris Denker on ‘Into The Danger Zone’ and Breeze said if his in-ring career was over as of the podcast recording, he’d be satisfied with what he’s done. He added that seeing Adam Cole debut in AEW lit that fire in him again.

So I think so Cole debut on AEW. When he came out dude, hearing people go nuts and watching people go crazy and everything else, I went, ‘Oh! That’s why we do this.’

Breeze opened up about the injuries he has tallied up during his career. While there have been no major surgeries or injuries, he said he is currently dealing with a vertebra in his back that is broken and he also has a tear in his shoulder.

That fact that I’ve wrestled 14 years, almost damn near about as perfect as you can. Bump-wise, everything else. I’ve had no surgeries, I do have a little bit of stuff banged up here and there. I’ve had a couple concussions. I have one injury that sounds really bad but it’s really not that bad. I have a vertebra in my back that’s kind of broken in half. If I do certain things, it’ll slide forward and kind of press against all the nerves and my leg stops working and I just have to like hang on a bench and pop back in and we’re good. But, it’s not that bad, it’s not that bad, and then I have a torn shoulder but I think everybody has a torn shoulder basically. It’s been torn for years at this point.

Breeze’s former tag team partner Dirty Dango (Fandango) is back in the swings of things post-WWE and was in action at WrestlePro’s ‘Welcome Back’ show on 10/16.

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