UFC's Stance

Hi everyone,

During all of this, I’m really confused about how WWE is essential business but UFC isn’t I guess???

I’ve started out kinda happy to see WWE give us at least taped content, but I am not thrilled at all for these live shows. But given the details that we know about Florida’s media service laws, what kept UFC from running a show there? Do they not own any buildings there to house competition?

Mind you, I don’t want to see a UFC card right now and Dana is insane to even try, but I’d like to know the difference between WWE getting a green light and UFC not. If this was discussed on RAR, my bad, I’m not finish with the episode yet.

From what I understand (and seemed to be backed up by John and the reporting of Marc Romondi), Florida just revised the essential business list. WWE which operates there was approved. It seems that if UFC applied to operate there they may be approved as well, as long as it is a closed set, etc.).

There is an incentive to states to permit this. I’m not sure we know this for sure, but I suspect that they are able to generate some kind of tax revenue off business operations in the state, which will help replace massive holes from the loss of sales tax, etc.