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Roll call for tonight chaps and chappettes

Late to the party. I lasted till 3am for the rumble. The women’s rumble finished me off…

My friends and I gave most of the preshow a miss. Lasted the entire main show (5am or so) but if I was watching alone at home, I would probably have tuned out after the Women’s rumble - saw everything I needed to see by then!

Yeh i was up till 5 watching the show and managed to get up in time to help the mrs get the kids to school. I was goosed by the time i finished work at 10 on Monday night. Safe to say i was relying on John and Wai for finding out about Raw rather than stay up to watch it

I was at a gig (Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls supported by Jimmy Eat World) in Leeds so got home just as the main show started. Made it right through to 5am although my wife fell asleep a couple of times during AJ v Bryan and the men’s rumble match. I’d booked the Monday off work but had to be up early as we where getting a new fridge delivered, Typically it got delayed until the late afternoon so I could have had a longer sleep than I got

Watched the full thing. It’s the only show of the year my friends will watch so we have a bit of a party. Going for two weeks in a row for the Super Bowl but doubt i’ll last.

Also staying up for the superbowl. Aiming to make it all the way but if the Pats are dominating I’ll watch Half Time Heat then go to bed.

Been an interesting 1st quarter,let’s hear from Gareth Southgate