upNXT 4/22/20: Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place

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Braden Herrington and Davie Portman review the April 22nd edition of WWE NXT!

The lads run down another empty arena edition of NXT featuring Velveteen Dream and a mystery partner vs. Undisputed Era, three Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Matches including Rockstar Spud a.k.a. Drake Maverick (and some great storytelling) vs. Jake Atlas, and Kushida vs. Tony Nese. Plus Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart vs. Dakota Kai and Reina Gonzalez, an appearance from NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair… and most importantly, Tattooed Jack.

The lads also give their thoughts on surviving quarantine and all the cooking they’ve been doing, plus thoughts on BTE 200 featuring Matt Jackson vs Nick Jackson and backyard wrestling, what they would like to see in future “Cine-matches”, Kairi Sane & Nia Jax on RAW, Davie watches Avenue 5 & Braden watches the Grudge. They also chat about bad tattoos, more stories about “Landlord Ray”, they take your NXT feedback… and more!

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I haven`t listened to this edition of the podcast and am sorry that after all these years I have listened to you (well, depends on who of you I address) my first post is a negative one…

I was utterly disgusted by this edition of Nxt. The matches were good and the segments with the Garganos and Killer Kross were awesome… but two things put me off.

The company has released a bunch of people in and outside of the ring. People who dont know now to make a living in this crisis situation. At the same time the company releasing them has great money made of TV deals and dont know what to do with money beside buying every indy worker on the planet.

The person who was in tears in a response video got the most attention and people felt sorry for him. The same video was shown before his match and he got after his match again attention. They make a full storyline out of mass releases of the very same company. I don`t blame the worker who just want to make a living and would do anything for that (even peeing himself) but I blame the booker who is trying to insult fans and the people they have kicked out.

That has put me off to follow their products (I have unsubscribed from the network the day the releases were announced)

But not enough with that… during a worldwide pandemic with a virus which is attacking lunges they have one of the main babyfaces of the brand attacked so that he was gasping for air and had to be removed from the match.

That has really concerned me. A wrestling match should not make me feel guilty to watch it. Can I watch AEW if I know these guys are risking with traveling and matches the health of the people around them so that they have to gasp for air?

That way the show killed it off for me…

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