upNXT and Forever Young 10/10/18 FEEDBACK

Ello, ello, ello! Davie Portman here requesting all of your delightful comments/questions/observations/feedback for this week’s editions of NXT, MYC and 205. AHOY!

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Jake from The Windy City

Awesome main event tonight. The talent level in this match ensured a really good match and my favorite part about the finish was Ricochet winning the match with a move that wasn’t his finisher. I will criticize Dunne just a little bit. The guy’s great, but since he doesn’t win matches with moves that aren’t his finisher, his nearfalls lose just a bit of drama. Back to the match, a good clash of styles. Ricochet has his high flying stuff. Dunne has his UK Brawler stuff. Cole has his WWE style stuff. No one seemed out of place because they did wrestle unique offense. If I were to compare this to recent big time NXT TV main events, this wouldn’t be my favorite, but still over-delivered without a doubt.

Braden, this week John and Wai are doing Rewind-A-Wai on NXT Arrival that took place on 27th February of 2014. What do you remember about the show four years ago? Looking back on the Network, it was kinda sad for some of the talent that flourished in developmental and seeing them today not being used well in the main roster.

Chris from Australia.

I was there live at the MCG for SSD & the general consensus was that Buddy was going to lose epically after the IICONICS won. Buddy revived an enomus cheer as he walked to the ring. Lots of Buddy & Aussie chants, however felt for sure Cedric was retaining after the falcon arrow followed by a lumbar check. The area i was in got to their feet & felt something special was about to happen and to our supprise Buddy hits Murphys Law for the 1-2-3. Honestly it was my match of the night and was amazing to see how far all 3 Aussie have come in only 5 years.

Rush v Dorado WAS a good match until The Kanellis interfered. Nese v Alexander was good telling the story of a defeated champion.

Side note: While Buddy was back in Melbourne he returned to Melbourne City Wrestling to see the next generation of Aussie Wrestlers at the MCW Academy.

As someone who’s seen very little but knew of Keith Lee before the hype is justified. What a main event.

Whilst an okay episode I feel now we are getting toward the end of the series some of matches didn’t feel quarter final worthy.


  1. Any official work on a starting date for NXT UK to air on WWE Network?
  2. Has either of you ever tried an Aussie Meat Pie? (And No, we don’t go “American Pie” with them like Jimmy Uso did at SSD)

Dave from Sydney
What’s up BDE!
My goodness what a main event! I can’t believe they did the moonsault kick to the face spot again, so fucking good. This is how you book a perfect triple threat with everyone getting their spots in and it doesn’t feel like a singles match at times. Those 3 boys are all the of the flame emojis!
Ciampa and Velveteen are finally starting to heat up, I feel it’s going to be a good pre-main event match before the war games match at the next Takeover.
Can’t wait for the Ohno and the Bro to rumble in the near future.
Keep up the solid work boys!

Jalen from Pickering,

Davie, enjoyed your interview with AJ more than I thought I would. You are a good interviewer, and AJ was a great guest.

NXT: Well the wrestling world has gotten some pretty good triple threats in the past few days. Nikki Cross still feels too much right now, but this week was the best use of her in a long time. Ciampa is Midas, and a program with the Velveteen Dream sounds like a fun… experience! Also the new opening is fire, good job NXT.

Gary from Dallas,

This was a great episode of NXT. The Full-Sail crowd seems to get a lot of crap but I really enjoy how invested they are in the characters and how quick they can be. I loved that they played into Nikki’s crazy character with the “Nikki has a secret” chants.

And the threeway main event was simply spectacular and would have been worthy of a TakeOver card.

Carlos from Sunny Scotland…

NXT: Well the show was ok until the main event…wow. Everyone looked strong but was suprised it was a clean finish if they are to continue this 3 way feud…Tho it was a poor match, to see Keith Lee is always great and The promo to begin NXT was getting fun but while you guys will crap on Cross, i do like her but just who shot Black story needs to end now.

Question: Can you guys see a move up for NXT talent coming in the next 6 months? Seems some stuff is feeling stale and moving some guys up makes room for fresh matches

MYC: What a show. Io just looks like a beast as does Mrs Villain. Nox is so much fun to watch and has a likeability not many ever get. The min event was unreal. Sign them up to the main roster.

Question: If you guys were able to swap 3 main roster talents out the company and take 3 from the MYC that are now Storm or Io, who would they be?

TNA : We’ve had the best triple threat match in history.
NXT : Hold my beer.