upNXT FEEDBACK: May 8th 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s edition of NXT.

Jesse from the 6

I never watched Riddle on the indies, so maybe you fellas have a better idea of his work; does he fair well in longer, sports-entertainment style matches? I loved his match with Dream at Takeover, but tonight I thought the first half of the match was boring. I couldn’t really get into him as babyface selling for the heel during traditional wear down heat spots. I like Riddle the most when he’s incorporating MMA-style strikes and submissions. I don’t really want to see him selling for a 2-minute reverse chin lock spot. But I don’t really want to see another reverse chin lock at all, ever, so maybe it’s just me.

Question for Davie: Did you see those Champs League semifinal second legs this week? Amazing. Even as a Gooner, you must respect the drama of that Spurs win.

Question for Braden: Is Lars still 5-Star or does (alleged) racism and sexism lose him some stars?

Take Care

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Paul from New Jersey

I really enjoyed Yim Vs. Belair. Looking forward to seeing these two face off again.

Mendoza looked really good and anything involving Adam Cole is going to be good Bay Bay.

How come one hour of NXT which is comprised of basic storylines and solid wrestling can best 5 hours of wild card, main roster drivel? I understand there is a way way bigger audience for the main roster, but I refuse to believe that this style of presentation wouldn’t get over with any wrestling fan.

As much as I hate the wild card, hearing David on review a RAW was pretty cool so at least it works somewhere.

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I hope the Post Wrestling wildcard continues so we can hear Braden on the British Wrestling Experience doing his awful English accent.

i love when bianca starts nxt because her music amps you up. loved the finish to the match. i can’t decide who is worse, riddick moss or kona reeves. i’m leaning kona. i wish the undisputed era would just watch their matches back. if they did, they would see that roddy has taken bullets for adam cole and not breakup because that booking sucks. they have the potential to be the greatest stable ever provided vince dies before they hit the main roster.

Kinny from Bristol, UK

Fianlly… I get to leave some feedback for you boys!

Great episode of NXT! Still not used to this theme song, they need some grime to hype it up.
Good start to a feud for Bianca Belair and Mia Yim - what do you think Bianca needs to be a main event player?
Nice spotlight match for Mendoza and I’m interested to see where this Riddick Moss character goes.
Good continuation of the Undisputed Era storyline. It would be fire to see Roddy vs Cole. How do you think this will all end?

BrayD what did you think of this wildcard ishhhh on the main roster? I think Vince needs to go on the Riddick Regimen. Great memories for me & Sugs with you guys over mania weekend. Keep up the good work.

PS - i’ve finally removed my WWE sticker from my tee. You need to let these suckas out here know this merch is official :joy:

The biggest takeaway of this episode for me is Raul Mendoza’s victory. I literally shouted : f*** yeah ! He’s a great wrestler. I agree with Jesse, the first half of the main event was bland but it did pick up. I still don’t like to see this tension amidst U Era.

DavidGeorge91 from Manila PH,

Hello my BFFs again,

Jade [Mia Yim] Vs. Belair really gives me a stress reliever in the start of the show. Can’t wait whats in store for them anytime soon.

It looks like Raul amigo looked really good, in terms of ring work (especially his Springboard Screw spash thing which is thing of beauty), keep it up. Oh welcome back Riddick Moss (where is Tino?), anyway his new gimmick is just a Simon System knock-off.

I have nothing else to say about the main-event other than it’s just a Goodly-effort looking segment with no extras whatsoever. But I’ll keep an eye for those two (Cole and Daddy Roddy) when tension strikes.

Trivia: Donovan Dijakovic’s Feast your eyes gimmick reminds me one of the WCW promos taken by the late Sean O’Haire (R.I.P.), and especially his in-ring skills which is based of.

Take Care my pals, God bless you.


Undisputed era is fine… that is all

Side note just got my ticket for takeover Toronto, so Braden i need too know where too buy some Kushida, an will there be a Takeover Tailgate? Anyways


NXT Feedback:

  • Bianca Belair vs Mia Yim was missing something. I can’t put my finger on what it was though. But it felt a bit off to me.

  • The Forgotten Sons beating down The Viking Raiders was incredibly goofy (in a bad way). I just don’t see anything in the Sons. At all.

  • Likewise, I don’t see anything in Jessamyn and Marina right now either. It was great that Io got a few good hits in, but Jessamyn and Marina are an anchor on the women’s division right now, and it feels like they should be off of TV until they look more natural in their role. Then again, it could just be fatigue from Shayna’s reign in general. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I feel like all of Shayna’s feuds end up being the same thing (booking and storywise) at the end of the day.

  • Matt Riddle vs Adam Cole was good, although I’m not really a fan of people complaining about how Cole is being buried either.

Patrick from Toronto

Great episode this week as always with another solid main event. NXT never fails to entertain.

I was thinking about all the little things NXT does right that gets you to tune in week after week. For example, something simple like hyping up the main event of the show in the intro package does wonders. It makes it feel like a legitimate contest and keeps you around until the end. Why does the main product have to go out of their way to make it seem like it’s a fake sport with incoherent / inconsistent story lines?

Like Jesse I also want to get Davie’s thoughts on his North London rivals in the Champs League finals…

Take care boys and all the best!!! Enjoy the rest of you week and weekend!!!

I think you’re right, it does look a lot like Simon Dean’s gimmick.

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Obviously it is. Thanks :+1::grinning::smiley:.

It’s an interesting gimmick though. They could push it more. A lot could be done.

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Sure it was my friend :+1::slightly_smiling_face:. Let’s hope that they[WWE Creative] will take it seriously in the days to come without putting it on the J.O.B side :slightly_smiling_face:.