upNXT Feedback Thread: 8th August 2018

Ello, ello, ello! It’s that time of the week again where I request all your magnificent questions/feedback/comments/suggestions etc etc etc for this weeks NXT.

Mark from Vaughan

I’m very curious to see how they can make Gargano vs Ciampa III unique after they had such a brutal war in Chicago. Aleister was a perfect fit in the original triple threat to keep it fresh.

Question: How would you book the NXT title coming out of Takeover? It’s been on the backburner for most of the year because of how hot the DIY feud has been. I feel Brooklyn is the perfect place for Gargano to win it and then move on to a heel like Velveteen Dream or Adam Cole.

KB61 from Perth

Highlight for me was definitely seeing Keith Lee being Keith Lee. So great to see they are just letting the performers be themselves. Happy he’s here in NXT where he belongs and I know this is a small gripe but that music suuucks. I LOVED his old indy theme so much, wish there was some way he could’ve kept it.

The EC3 Dream douche-off was fun but honestly the multi-camera shoot format took me out of it a bit. And I would’ve liked a longer Gargano Black match but I totally understand why they did what they did. Loved Regal’s BDE when he came out to sort everything out.

Will be glad after these final set of tapings have aired and I won’t have to see that big loud sweaty pink fan in the front row anymore #beastar

Question about Kassius. For a long time I kind if assumed this was his final destination and he would never get called up and just exist in limbo, stuck between half hearted pushes and putting over younger guys, but it seems they may have finally pulled the trigger. Do you think he’s finally in line for a REAL push? Will he ever even make main roster?

Carlos from sunny Scotland…

God i loved EC3/Dream in all its cheesy glory. Laughed at “Dude…its 3 feet deep”.

What a reception for Keith Lee. I feel he will get a Kevin Owens run in NXT, this time next year looking for main roster.

Seems like we will never get Gargano/Black and now wont be getting the 3 way at TO…

Question…If they make it the blow off for the DIY feud, does Gargano win then we go to Black for his rematch then start with the backlog of guys just waiting? Cheers boys

Hi Guys,

First off sorry about my auto correct last week “Branden” but hopefully my auto correct won’t mess up me calling you @TheBrayD because we got the Triple Threat confirmed this week.

After your thoughts last week I am more sold on Champa retaining. I mean Gargano has won their matches too many times anyway and have the redemption path of Gargano coincide with becoming number 1 contender for Wrestlemainia TakeOver.

EC3/Dream segment almost seemed like their own attempt at a Hardy’s style pre-tape or just Jeremy Borash having some input? Down to the weird cuts including Dream asking EC3 to sit down, then immediately asking him to get up for a walk which made me laugh but overall found it to be a good idea that could of been executed better.

Oh and one last thing, given the way Adam Cole come out to Ricochet’s music instead of commentary saying “That’s not Ricochet” just once I would love to hear them treat it more real and say something like “Sorry folks, looks like a slight production issue, they have played the wrong music but that’s Adam Cole coming out” then you can do the reveal and same reactions, just a thought.

The greatest thing about the Aleister angle is that there are more videos with different wrestlers filming the scene from their perspective. Although I am gutted for Aleister, I do love a nicely done whodunnit.

I just gotta say it was nice to see Axel Dieter Jr debut against Keith Lee, two of my favorites from the indie scene of the last few years. I hope Axel’s partner from Ring Kampf, Walter, will show up eventually. I miss watching them tag.