upNXT/Forever Young Feedback & Dahlia Black Q's - 12th September 2018


Ello, ello, ello. Davie Portman here. Please leave all your feedback for this weeks edition of NXT and the MYC. Also this week we will be joined by the very talented Dahlia Black from PROGRESS Wrestling to discuss the MYC. So please leave any questions you may have here.


I am and have been a huge Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno fan for years. I love what they are doing with him currently and would love to see him built up to almost main event level. He could get so many guys over but he needs the wins to make that happen. He may not be the sharpest dresser in NXT but he is super creative in the ring and has the skill and size to be a player, if they use him right.


Jake from the Windy City here!


Ciampa starting off the show with his gloating promo was excellent as always. His new theme is badass and spews out true evil. Enjoyed the basic, simple squash match for Shayna. Good and simple way to give Shayna some heat back. Regarding Pete Dunne’s interview, I’m surprised we don’t see him talk often because this guy is a great promo when he’s a jerk to people and Ricochet thereafter, has greatly improved and I hope he gets the chance to talk more in the future. Another great episode tonight. No “show stealing” matches, but NXT continues to be a serial program with each episode leading to the next.

Questions: Would you guys like to see NXT tape more episodes outside of Full Sail? Because I’m pretty tired of the repetitiveness of the Full Sail crowd. I would like to see them go back to Center Stage Atlanta since the crowd gives off more of a fresh attitude. What did you guys think of those episodes at Center Stage at the beginning of the year?


I’ve been a fan of Deonna Purrazzo ever since her days at Impact Wrestling and I’m looking forward to what she has to offer in the near future. Great opening match for her in the tournament. I don’t know what to think about Reina Gonzalez’s cut open jeans and cowboy boots for her gear. Not a huge fan of it. She seems to be a Nia Jax 2.0. I love Rayne as she was my crush when she was on Impact and still delivered tonight. She is so soooo fit. This week’s broadcast wasn’t as great as the first episode but still decent, nonetheless.

Also I gotta say, this has to be one hell of a week for our lovely Renee. I’m really happy for her and I hope she will call the main event of WrestleMania one day as a PBP.


Ari from Montreal
Long time listener first time leaving feedback. First off love you guys since you make my thursdays LIT. For NXT, i love those undisputed era vignettes. “I play hide and seek with my son” line litterarly got me and my brother laughing out loud. Cant wait to see Ohno vs Riddle and the Double Count out finish left me intrigued with that feud. Gotta love “Tomato Chips” new music as well.
For the Mae Young classic, love seeying Ms. Villain (IE Diona Purazzo) in action as shes soo smooth in the ring. That spanish fly was dope and it was heart breaking seeying Alexanders daughter crying like that when her mom lost. I litterarly went HOLY SHIT at the size of Reina Gonzalez, however from the stare down it was obvious it was going to be a roll up upset. Seeying Madison…i mean Ashley Rayne in a WWE ring was really cool and overall great perfomance from both women.


KB61, Perth


I wont ask coz I can almost guarantee you will have already touched on it but UGH I hated Ciampa’s new music. His silent entrance was so unique and badass, but if they absolutely had to give him music I can’t believe THAT is what they went with.

Have you guys seen Lars’ Twitter gimmick? He tweets as himself, William Christensen on behalf of the character Lars, almost acting like his own manager. It’s a bit weird but I dig it. Wondering if it’s something he’s been told to do or something he’s just trying. Do you think this could possibly transition into an onscreen thing?

Gonna go out on a limb here and guess Davie’s highlight was Kairi’s little black dress :fire:

Thanks again lads, have a good week.

To Dahlia, what was it like in that building when you returned from Visa issues with TK. That was the most insane pop, the biggest I have ever heard at an indy show for sure. Chills everytime I watch it.



I thought that Reina losing to Kacy was wrong in so many ways. I do like what Kacy brings, she’s unique but Reina should have destroyed her. If I wanted Kacy to go over, I would not have put her against Reina.



I just wanted to get my 2 cents in about the MYC commentary. I am really not a fan, the style seems to be using most of the match talking about the girls characters to get them over, which can work, but not when completely ignoring the story of the match.

Micheal Cole referring to moves as “ooohhhhh” “Look at this” and “an attack to the mid section” completely ignoring the move names or not calling them at all or how about when Kelly has Deonna in a Guillotine and after about 30 seconds Cole literally says “and a submission move here perhaps” it just is frustrating to not give justice to the efforts in the ring.

Mouro is far better at this type of presentation and no offence to the two women but it does not need to be a 3 person booth nor if your going to make it a 3 person booth should two of those people not be experienced commentators.

Maybe later in the tournament once the characters have had a chance to be explained they will focus on the matches more and the 3 of them will get better cohesiveness but at the moment its really letting the tournament down for me.


So Mauro would be better than Cole ? You’re stating the obvious.


Carlos from Sunny Scotland

NXT: Ohno/Riddle take my money please. Really enjoyed the end, Cross is a great feud for EST. Tommy Champion just kills it, his new music will be a grower. Think 5 Star Lars should go up to the main, maybe tag with a smaller guy. Also really liked the promo for Forgotten Sons.

So looks like my WarGames prediction is coming true…All the gold but Bray D you were not a fan of this so what about Dunne getting both belts then moving to the IC belt after? Take my money.

Cheers boys.