US States Banning the teaching of critical race theory

Don’t want to make this a huge thing, but any comment on some republican States straight up banning the teaching of critical race theory?

Here’s a summary of what it is.


I wish they would have gone after algebra with this same conviction when I was in school.

Hahahaha… So do you want the long version of my thoughts or the short version?

Go for it.
Maybe if they think critical race theory isn’t academically rigurous enough, they can take out stuff like creationism too.


Sorry for my late response but I am just now seeing your response. So Critical Race Theory is a class that I had to take for my Master’s Degree. Essentially, what we studied in CRT is the recidivism rates (the flow in and out of prisons) of Blacks and why Blacks who are punished for essentially the same crimes that White people commit get heavier sentences.

What Republicans have done is they have taken ALL classes that tackle any theory on race and lumped them all into the CRT category. Ethnic Studies and Critical Race Theory are NOT the same thing. CRT tries to get us in the field of law to understand that the distribution of punishments for blacks will be disproportionate to that of whites. In a LAW class, a law instructor is going to teach his or her law students strategies for defending Black or Brown clients. In a Criminal Justice class, I learned statistics and the crimes that Blacks and Brown people get arrested for the most and outlying factors as to why arrests for minorities are so disproportionate. I hope that answers your question.


From what I’ve seen, all criticisms of CRT is because they have no actual knowledge of what it is. If they teach it at universities, then it is not a public school subject. But, certain people like to make big deals outta nothing

I guess there’s danger in losing power over the narrative if kids learn history from a different point of view. Learn about slavery from the pov of some of the slaves, not just the people who wrote the official history books.