Vickie Guerrero wishes she could show more of her character and promo ability in AEW

Originally published at Vickie Guerrero wishes she could show more of her character and promo ability in AEW

Vickie is enjoying her pairing with Nyla Rose but wishes there was more time to show her character.

Dating back to the summer of 2020, Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose have been paired together on-screen in AEW. Guerrero regularly accompanies Nyla to the ring for her TV matches and Dark or Dark: Elevation bouts.

Vickie sat down with Colt Cabana on his Art of Wrestling podcast and stated that she loves working with Nyla. She added that while she is enjoying her time in AEW, she wishes there was more time to show her character and what she can do on the microphone. Other than that, Guerrero is proud to see Nyla breaking barriers and is happy to call her a friend.

I love Nyla . Sometimes, I just look at her like, who are you? Because, I mean, especially her Twitter interaction when I read her tweets. She’s so creative and funny and I love her to pieces. We just grew to have a great respect for each other. We wish that — I — in AEW, I love being there, I love the company. I just wish I could be more of my character there. You know, because there’s so many promos I could see at that moment that I wanna do and either time is short or I’m not utilized in that same way so, we talk about that, you know? ‘I’m sorry we can’t use you more. I’m sorry you didn’t get to do your promo’ because I would ask my agent, like, ‘Can I do a promo tonight?’ So that’s the most frustrating thing but, that aside, working with her and seeing how she’s just breaking these barriers with the truth and her lifestyle and who she is, I’m really proud to stand next to her and just say, this is my friend.

The WWE ‘custody’ storyline involving Vickie, Eddie Guerrero, Dominik and Rey Mysterio was discussed. Vickie said there was a point when she suggested it would be okay if someone else played the role of Eddie’s wife because Eddie was a perfectionist and Vickie did not want the program to come in between them.

Yeah and hear it, because Eddie is such a perfectionist. You know, I told him, I said, ‘I don’t want this to be in the way of our marriage because I don’t need this stress. If you wanna find someone else to play your wife or do that, I’m okay with that’ and you know, ‘cause Eddie had a lot of other storylines with other women and so, that was very — it’s just another storyline to me because knowing it wouldn’t be real unless they actually see you, you know, with the child custody case.

Prior to AEW going live on TBS on June 2nd, Nyla Rose was part of a tag match during which she teamed with Serena Deeb to take on Skye Blue and former TJPW Princess of Princess Champion Miyu Yamashita.

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She’s terrible. That’s the reason why she’s not on more.

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I’m glad she wishes this because I don’t.

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Vickie needs to go away.


She WAS great in WWE especially with The Rock and Edge.

I think scripting is good thing for some performers. Not everyone can excel in an “improv” like setting which AEW is.

She legit makes Nyla worse.