Video Game in Mississauga

Hey guys.

I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, which is a district of what they call the “Greater Toronto Area.”

What happened was that my RGB cable for my PS2 is broken, and a hell of a time to break too!

I’m looking for some stores that sell video game accessories.

If you live around the area, or know about it intimately, can you tell me if any video game store around here is open despite the pandemic?

I know this has nothing to do with wrestling, but I need help.

So thank you if you can.

Amazon is open if you want.

Thanks for the comment, PJ_River, but I tend to stay away from online purchasing as much as possible.

I can’t use my Paypal account and I am reluctant to use a credit card because someone hacked into my credit card account. Since then, no credit cards unless it’s absolutely necessary.

PS2-playing is important, but I don’t want to risk the same thing, not again.

PS2 being nearly 3 generations old at this point will make it difficult to find RGB cables in a retail store. In Mississauga your best bet will be to check on Kijiji for anyone selling them used, checking value village (if they are open) or calling up retro game stores to see what they have in stock.

Well, I hear that PS3 AV Cables are compatible with PSX and PS2 systems.

Will that help the situation?

There is a great store here

It’s in Sauga as well

By the way, MrMulligan, great ideas!

I"ll do that.

Alex_Patel: I am not interested in buying arcade boards or dart accessories, just a PS2/PSX/PS3 AV cable, but a novel suggestion.

Thanks guys, I’ll investigate the options when I need them. All are great ideas! Thank you.

I believe the power cable that goes into the AC adapter are interchangeable between the PS3 and PS2 but not the RGB cables as far as I know. PS2 was one of the best selling console of its generation. So I think you could find something pretty easily.

I know Best Buy does offer options but seems it is online only so it doesn’t really fit. Also a good place to check out is a pawn shops and what not since a number of older consoles wind up there.

I am from Hamilton myself so I know there are tons of options here but I can’t fully speak to Mississauga.