Vince McMahon to make "major sports announcement" on behalf of Alpha Entertainment

Trump might be radioactive at that point, especially after 2020. Everything about this seems like a PR nightmare, and it just kinda shows Vince’s cluelessness.

Having just listened to the podcast, it was brought up about all these wrestlers being so heavily controlled, I don’t think Vince can do that with the XFL because there literally are better places to go. Also, if a whole team protests and bends a knee, does that mean repercussions for the whole team?

For something he says he doesn’t want to be political, I feel this will be the most political thing on television in 2020 outside of actual shows about politics.

You know? I forgot Rogers and WWE have a working partnership. I just assumed that Rogers owned ALL Canadian Sports channels (sure feels like it).

At least the LA Xtreme will finally get to defend their title (my fave team)!