Visiting Toronto for the first time this weekend

Hey all,

I am headed to Toronto for business tomorrow and will be there through the weekend. (Of course the weekend that John and Wai won’t even be in town so no chance I run into them haha.)

I’m staying right downtown and would love any recommendations people might have. Looking for good bars and restaurants to check out or anything that could be fun. A bonus if anyone knows of a place that I can watch Wrestlemania as I will be missing out on watching with my usual group of friends.

Thanks guys!

Depends on what type of food you are looking for (fancy vs steak vs casual)

Jacobs is a great steakhouse. Byblos is a nice restaurant. Bar Isabel is more causal but very good. That and Bar Raval are nice trendy bars to go to. Biermarket is also fun.

If you have more specific requests I can help a bit more

In terms of Mania there are a few spots near the sky dome and Scotiabank that should have them. Not sure about specific spots though.

Thanks Alex! I’m probably thinking more casual than super upscale. Sports bars, steakhouses, anything along those lines all sound good to me. I’d like to check out some unique local spots. I do a good bit of traveling for work so I always try to at least see a couple unique places each city I visit.

Cherry St. Bar and Grill is really good eating. Two dt locations, I’ve only been to the one on Cherry St, bit pricey but laid back place, great food, clean taps, friendly staff. If you spend $30 on food you won’t leave hungry. Near to the Distillery District so you can walk there if you want a change of pace. Ritual Nightclub is nearby, they seem to be doing things. Working nearby and getting off late (1am-2am) there always seems to be some kind of techno party thing in this area on the weekends but I like to use my time off for sleeping so I couldn’t really tell you much about that.

In terms of casual try the following

Bar Raval and/or Isabel (highly recommended and trendy)
Real sports bar (biggest and best sports bar in the city but may be packed if Leafs/Raps are playing)
Piano piano (Italian)
Chubby’s Jamaican (super casual but amazing food)
Paris Paris (nice bar - trendy non sports)
Rec Room (sports bar and arcade)
Striker Sports bar (plays WWE I think as well)
The Ballroom (massive sports area with TV screens and can play ping pong etc)

Hope that helps somewhat! ASk if any other questions and enjoy your stay in the 6ix

Thanks for all the recommendations. I’m at Real Sports now and it’s a great bar. Hoping to check out Strikers later. You guys have a great city!

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awesome! Not sure if it matters but Strikers is in the LGBTQ community but it does for sure have a wrestlemania showing and party planned.

Real sports was probably lit for the raptors win :slight_smile: