Wai is a closet punk rock fan??? (Rewind-A-Smackdown spoiler)

Wai Ting!!! Are you a closet punk rock fan? I did a double take when you dropped a Siouxsie Sioux reference during the Rewind-A-Smackdown podcast when you were discussing with John about Ruby Riott.

What are Wai Ting’s other guilty pleasures??? Inquiring minds want to know.

P.S. Siouxsie Sioux turned 60 years old this year. WOW … now I feel really old.

I look forward to Wai Ting dropping references to Jawbreaker and Face To Face over the coming weeks.

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I’m really not, unfortunately. Those are just my references when I think about real punks since my brother was a big fan.

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As a fan of punk (among other things) should I feel insulted that it’s viewed as a guilty pleasure? :thinking:

hug it out … hug it out :hugs::hugs::hugs:

I think Avril Lavigne and Blink 182 may be considered guilty pleasures, while The Clash and Bad Brains are considered more the real deal.

No way is Blink a guilty pleasure.

Depends on the era. Comedy Blink and Emo Blink have their issues but current Blinkaline Trio182 is just goodness in every way. :sunglasses:

Loving the new Blink stuff! Coincidentally, I’ve always thought that Tom was the weak link; even when they all started side projects, I massively preferred the Hoppus led +44 than A&A and Box Car Racer.

Legitimately hate Angels & Airwaves. Saw them live and Tom came across as such a pretentious douchebag. Just can’t stand them.

Boxcar was decent, but you’re right, +44 were magnitudes of betterness… at least in my opinion, and the opinion of everyone I know. :rofl:

Oh aye, couldn’t agree more. I haven’t actually gone to an A&A gig, but the rock venue I used to frequent back in the day had them on once before the usual Saturday night club night. All the bar staff couldn’t stop talking about how shite they were and how much of a bellend Tom was being. Cringey stuff.

Yeah, I’d never pay to see them. They were on at an Arena festival that I went to that I’ve forgotten the name of now. Tom did the Jesus pose during every song, at least once, as if he’d written the songs specifically to give himself that opportunity. Such wankery will not be tolerated.

“We need another bridge here, after the chorus.”

“Stick a break here, before the second verse.”

“Stop the drum fill half way and just tap the hi-hat for about 7 seconds.”

Angels & Arseholes, more like.

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