Weird moment from women's match on Dynamite

Sorry for the Reddit link. I’m not sure how else to share it:

Seems like Ivelisse wasn’t too into this match

She has a bad rep, this will do no good for her.

Too bad. She’s hot.

Really? Different strokes and all that I guess. Now if you were talking about Shida that would be a different matter. :fire:

Great selling…

Fightful (Select) mentioned that these two were having problems before the match, which may explain this moment and the match being snug/physical.

It is unprofessional. She should be given the boot for exposing the business on national tv.

It’s too bad she has such a shitty attitude. Super talented but just totally unprofessional

I love the red hair and bitchy attitude. Shida…I dont know, she’s alright. She has some good days, some not so good days.

Sasha beats Ivelisse hands down.

maybe she was so tired she didnt have the strength to fight back for a sec, or she might have been dazed. There are ways to make it fit.

Or maybe she looks like she doesn’t give a shit :slight_smile: