Welcome to the POST Wrestling Forum! (Patreon login info inside)


Hey Postmaster, thanks for the response!.

Will check in again in about a hour


Ok so it’s showing Iam a Patreon member but I still can see the members forum bit???.. clearly missing something. Thanks in advance


Ignore me just realised on the drop down the cafe forum is there DOH!!!


Thanks for taking this leap and setting up your own site. I hope it works out well for you.

I signed up on patreon, but I was an idiot and I didn’t copy the link for the rss feed. Is there anywhere else I can get it? @wai0937 are you able to resend it to me?



NM, found it in the email. Duh.


I just wanted to say that I’m really happy to support you guys.

I live in the UK and hadn’t watched wrestling since 1999 before I found your podcasts roughly 6 years ago. I still don’t watch it but just love your podcasts. You guys are great and I’m glad you have been able to keep it going,

I’d really like the Sunday night LAW show to return (with a new name of course) as I loved listening to the news from the week.

Keep up the great work guys, thanks again!


Just wanted to say Hi! And hope to figure out how to gain access to the Cafe’…


I can’t seem to find the Patreon section… Am I doing something wrong? I logged in with my Patreon account


Full $6 Patreon, just in time for Wrestlemania.


I’ve just joined and I’ll initially try to be very active which might be annoying at first but I’m sure things will reach a more normal level in time… if I am being annoying by posting too much then let me know so that I post more.


I am a longtime fan and finally became a patron! It’s the least I could do to repay you guys for getting me through grad school and my first 2 years in a real job!