Welcome to the POST Wrestling Forum! (Patreon login info inside)


Welcome! If you’re a Patreon patron, browse the board ad-free and unlock access to the POST Wrestling Café feedback forum by logging in with your Patreon account.


Cool :ok_hand:

So @wai0937 ust log in with the same email as the one we use on Patreon?


Yes! It should work. Let us know if you have issues.


This is the first place on the internet that I felt invited, taught how to use the tool and help it to grow at the same time. Quick, easy and thoroughly enjoyable

@johnpollock and @wai0937 have put in the hard work. I’m in.


We’re all learning at the same time! Thanks for joining.


Nice to see you guys back with a forum!


I’m ready to be needlessly contrarian in the name of good fun!


This is going to be the first wrestling message board where I try and be an active conversationalist and not just that creepy guy that stares at people talking without contributing. Excited to have this sleek site to do it on!


Was I the first public person to join? I found the Patreon post before the podcast released and the forum link was there. I believe there were four users when I joined.

It feels good to finally contribute to a thing I’ve been getting free for so long.


You are! You somehow beat everyone by like, two days. How did you find it?


Hmm I’m having issues logging in via my patreon account.
I’m sure it’s me being an idiot??

Edit:I figured it out. I am in fact an idiot!


I was certain you guys were doing a Patreon (especially when John referred to a “stretch goal” on an earlier podcast). After the name reveal and website teaser I commented on one of your new social media posts predicting a Patreon (I can’t find my post) and then immediately decided to do some digging.

I found the Patreon page was up along with the reward tiers but the pledge link didn’t work. Because the “Welcome” post was already live, the URL to the forum was ripe for the clickin’.

I didn’t wanna ruin what you were up to, so I didn’t say anything.


I’m in the same boat.


What happened to Pollock’s computer the other week? A DELL’S PALSY.


Welcome to the forum Sergei


Happy to join​:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


Would just like to say i’ve listened to you every week for over a year now, it makes my journey into University a pleasure. I’m glad you guys are finding so much success after your release. :slight_smile:


Once I’ve started getting into listening to wrestling podcasts, The LAW was my first choice and John’s insane G1 coverage was the reason I’ve gotten into NJPW and has since made my life far more enjoyable.
So it’s only logical that I want to give you something back and I’m happy that many other wrestling fans see it the same Wai (:smirk:)


Ok so I have signed up using Patreon but I can’t seem to access the members forum?, only signed up about 10mins who though.


It will take a while to gain access, give it an hour or so.