What app do you use

Just wondering what app does one use to listen to the podcast. I use for the free ones Pocketcast and for the Patron Podcast addict. Since I subscribe also to the Observer Pocketcast won’t let me add my rss feed. Unless someone knows how to do it

I’ve used Pocket Casts for the best part of a decade. It didn’t used to be free, so as I’d already purchased it before the switch to the freemium model I was automatically given a lifetime subscription.

I’d have probably subscribed anyway though as i think it’s the best podcast app in both functionality and appearance.

I use Podcast Addict


I’m still repping iTunes for the patron shows with some Spotify occasionally.

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definitely recommend Podcast Addict.


Diddo for me. It works great. I have rss feeds for both Post Wrestling and Wrestling Observer paid subscriptions and all my free ones too.


I’ll definitely recommend Podcast Addict too, a fantastic app and I’ve never had any problems with it

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Google Podcasts & Podcast Addict.

Occasionally Spotify, and Podbean…But only when listening/broadcasting a live show. :100:

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I had no idea what this thread was about lol. But I use podcast addict as well. For patron and free shows.

My sad self still uses Sticher!

It’s how I first listened to the “Kings of Sport” podcast and later the LAW and POST.