What are you watching Tuesday?

Both NXT and AW have completely loaded up. Both are going commercial free to start, AEW has a Buyin show and booked huge stars on both. It’s clear both want the win – which are you going to be watching?

I likely will end up watching neither - Just because of the day, but if I was free, I probably need more towards AEW be of Swerve vs Danielson


And it’s brought the best out of Twitter TK again. The TK who is over people’s shit and having fun.

I think AEW has nothing to lose tonight, while NXT absolutely has a lot on the line. Nobody expected or expects AEW to win the night given its not their normal time slot, and the fact NXT has been doing great. But then WWE started loading up their show with every major name they could. And here we are.

A fun night for fans I’m sure ahead.


AEW. Of course in Canada they aren’t even going head to head because NXT is being delayed for baseball lol.

It will also be hilarious if NXT loses.

AEW…but I dont watch NXT in general outside of a Takeover from time to time. Though if its not even head to head in Canada I guess its moot anyways.

I’m sorry, but I can’t watch 10 hours of WWE this week with Fastlane, Raw, NXT, and SD.


The best TK is “something to prove TK”.

I feel this is a loose-loose-loose-loose situation narratively speaking. Here is how I see it being spun because wrestling fans are brutal lol.

AEW wins: “of course they won, it’s their A show vs WWE’s C show”
NXT wins: “of course they won, they loaded up the show with main roster stars”
AEW looses: pathetic, can’t even beat a C show.:rofl::rofl:
NXT looses: pathetic, even when loading up the show they still loose. :rofl::rofl:

For me Dynamite > NXT, but at this point I don’t think this even matters outside of bragging rights for one day between tribal fans.

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I’ll be watching AEW, because I don’t typically watch WWE/NXT weekly shows in full anyhow, and I don’t find a few main roster stars making one-week-only appearances appealing. I fully expect NXT to crush in the ratings battle considering this is their normal spot, they’ve been hot, and they are throwing everything they can (in an almost pathetic fashion) to crush the ratings.

Looks like NXT starting with Cody with that “huge announcement” will make headlines!

I don’t care what the ratings are. But, as somebody who does this stuff for a living, this picture is :fire:.

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It’s just him announcing other stupid Dusty Classic isn’t it?

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The “mind numbing discourse” has started

Is Cody enrolling in snap mare class at the PC?