What is Tony’s Important Annoucement?

Wonder what it is - All In tickets on sale? Maybe streaming deal?

He said worldwide which was interesting

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Either a title or a tournament :yawning_face:

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He bought Sting another friend.

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Based on the new video released today, looks like the women are getting their own show. Maybe they take over Rampage. If it’s the same people booking then I doubt it will make much difference

Just tickets going on sale for All In next year, it turned out. lol

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The Doja Cat video with the women is pretty cool. I doubted it was going to be a women’s wrestling show. But hoped that the video was a preview of doing something with the women’s division. Even just a tournament. I didn’t have high expectations.

The actual announcement was somehow even more underwhelming.


Even lamer than expected. AEW is in a huge slump right now. Getting Big Show to wrestle and this announcement topped off a horrendous Dynamite.

And that’s not even mentioning the stupid Skye Blue crap. That is WWE bad acting garbage. Just drop that entire angle now.

More bad acting from the Bucks. Like we’re supposed to believe anyone cares about the roh belts. What about the title match they earned at WrestleDream? What a trash show this week

It was just awful last night. Very non-sensical and felt all over the place and just an epic fail on that whole ‘announcement’. Lol

While I believe the “announcement” definitely needed to be made on TV to reach the biggest audience possible - the fact it was hyped by TK how it was, is definitely a misstep.

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