What wrestling related things do you do to annoy your other half

Right now I am currently annoying the wife by putting an extra sugar in her tea or coffee so when she says it’s too sweet I can then keep shouting too sweet woop woop repeatedly.

:astonished: Elliot. Appreciate her while this lasts lol

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I throw a toothpick at her when I come home.

I used to put her through tables and hit her with chairs, but when I realised this was wrong, I stopped but would only give her a couple minutes of my time, and I’d usually use that couple of minutes to go to the bathroom and not really pay much attention to her. Since Stephanie McMahon became the leader of women though I’ve been treating her like an actual human being.


Apparently, chanting “you still got it” isn’t a compliment in all situations.
But it was still received much better than “both these guys”.


I constantly try getting out of plans by saying I’m busy observing Rusev Day. So far she just doesn’t understand the importance of Rusev Day.


Be Elliott,be be Elliott is my new form of annoyance followed by waving my Johnson about singing supercock party

My girlfriend started training in wrestling a while ago. I used to remind her to check her labels and stay away from the Jack in the Boxes.

Fake my orgasms

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When shes asleep, elbow drops off the bed post

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I wrote myself a theme song and rap it every time I enter the house.

Maybe using pyro everytime i enter a room is a tad excessive; but, goddamn, it gets a pop!

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My wife hates when I drive my weekly loop with my friends, pulling ribs and booking the territory.