Where do YOU want well to go Raw

Where do you want Monday Night Raw to go to it could be anywhere it could be FX Amazon anywhere as long as it is well easy for you to watch it or don’t watch it it’s up to you

Well it’s been announced by WWE that Raw is officially going to Netflix which should be interesting.

I genuinely don’t care where it goes as long as it goes back to 2 hours.

However if I had to pick one, I’ll just pick the boring choice. Which is ideally I’d just leave it on USA on Mondays.

But for me the more important rights for me personally that no one is talking about is the next day rights. The 90 mins commercial free version of Raw on Hulu is the best weekly wrestling show. I genuinely hope that is not going anywhere.

I legit thought you were joking until I checked Twitter. Poor John had a long weekend and late night, looking for a sleep in and this drops at 7:30am.

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