Who are the first big names to jump to WWE?

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With the recent releases and even more talent available, it seems that most of the migration is one-way from WWE to AEW and other companies.

If you remember the Monday night war
this was the same thing until the Big Show came into WWE. After that the floodgates open and you had Jericho and the radicals etc.

I’m wondering now that the WWE has shed so much talent who they will absorb when AEW talent become available?. You need a talent that’s willing to go there and the WWE sees potential in. That list is small because if we are to believe the new directive that size matters, most of AEW is small.

However I do see the following wrestlers being serious considerations to jump over, if nothing more than simply using that as a bargaining chip.

  1. MJF - clearly he made allusions to this and one would think in the future he would have a big WWE run. He’s probably very similar to how they would use the Miz I would think as that’s probably the closest comparison. I wouldn’t advise him to go now as he wouldn’t be a top level heel but certainly later in his career this would be viable.

  2. Jericho/Mox - I leave them both here because they have huge WWE potential in coming back. You can certainly see that Mox could be tied into any storyline with Roman reigns that would be massive. Jerichos a bit different - I don’t see the same potential for him as Moxley, but he’s a big enough name and will draw a big reaction so I don’t see WWE not at least talking to him.

  3. Daniel Bryan - I would say this is pretty much a certainty that he comes back at some point. There’s simply too much nostalgia and he left on too good terms not to. He could come back and main event wrestlemania anytime.

  4. Britt Baker - There’s clearly massive interest in Britt Baker but with Adam Cole there unless they both came I don’t see them splitting up again.

  5. Wardlow - seems perfect

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I think with everything going on with WWE right now with releases and a potential sale down the line, we wont see any “AEW guys” leave for a while. I see mostly former “WWE guys”. Jericho, Danielson, Paul Wight, Mark Henry, Christian, Matt Hardy. Mostly for Hall of Fame inductions and a possible short run.

I think of those guys only maybe Wardlow makes sense to me.

1.) MJF - would be dumb to go to WWE because he would be DOA. He gets over with edgy promos that push the line. He cannot do that in WWE so they probably turn him into the Miz 2.0. He is also not a big guy.

2.)Jericho maybe, but I think he will likely retire and I don’t see Mox going back either.

3.). Maybe but I’m not sure why he would unless it is way down the road.
4.) With the Cole move and her Dental practice I just don’t see why she jumps. Especially when she is the #1 women’s star in AEW and wouldn’t be that in WWE.

I honestly don’t see many that would make the move- except maybe some women they simply don’t fit the mold that WWE is moving toward of young and big.

Just because of their youth, and the way the industry works, you have to assume that guys like Top Flight, Private Party, Sammy Guevara etc. Would end up in the E. Maybe in 10 years or so, but still.
Maybe you’ll see veterans go back for a few months before they retire, but not on a full time basis.
MJF would not work in that system. Scripted promos would be the death of his career.

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