Who will win the ratings tonight? (2020-02-12)

  • AEW
  • NXT
  • Tie

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There can be no chance NXT wins here right? It’s before the big PPV and the card is set. Not really much to see.

ARW hasn’t stacked the show but it should be good with the tag match etc

AEW: 817,000 (0.30 18-49)

NXT: 757,000 (0.24)

Damn. AEW lost a lot more viewers that I thought

Yeah that is surprising. I expect a big bounce back with the Atlanta show

Weird. Especially coming off strapping. Why would Atlanta show be super hot? Because of steel cage?

A lot of times the ratings reflect what happened the previous week. Last night’s Dynamite was a great show so I think we will see a bump. Plus the Atlanta show has some big things planned

Honest question: how much do ratings fluctuate for a normal tv show? I really don’t follow these things, so I don’t know. I can guess that both shows know what their baseline, overall average would be. And I assume that is the more important statistic

I think AEW went down and NXT went up - so clearly people didn’t tune into AEW for some reason. Maybe the strapping put people off a bit because it was a tad hooky ?

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One thing I find interesting is for all this talk about the head to head ratings on Wednesday, or how many viewers Raw has lost over the years, is how well these shows do against other more traditional sports.

Last night, you had a nationally televised NBA game with one of the best players in the league that didn’t crack a million viewers. It beat AEW/NXT, but not by much, and the combined viewers of the two shows dwarfed the NBA game.

Monday, you had a college game with two Top-10 teams, one of which is one of the most recognizable brands in Duke, and Raw beat them out by a million viewers. When you compare the wrestling numbers to the more “mainstream” sports, it’s no surprise why WWE got those massive deals and why AEW just got a big extension.

I think that it is mostly because, for a generation of fans - anybody who basically was a fan through the Monday Night Wars, mid to late 90’s more or less - we had it ingrained in us that TV ratings were the most important measuring stick of success.

Whether or not that’s still applicable, the numbers stilll resonante with many of us of a certain age.

And, I still think it’s a good tool to know about the overall health of a product.

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And XFL trouched all of wrestling lol. Football draws monster ratings compared to WWE.

The basketball audience is always bigger in the late LA games - they will draw bigger ratings. Giannis is still in small market Milwaukee and the earlier NBA games never really draw well.

I don’t know anything about college sports as I am not American.

Wrestling has a consistent audience it delivers. The issue has always been new fans - NBA makes new fans and Wrestling really doesn’t. There will come a time when those that watch now are too old or dead

I think with non-football sports you are looking at regional draws. Most people watch their teams games and not a ton of other games, there are too many games to do that other than maybe playoff games. I mean the NBA has 82 regular season games, so if you watch every game for your team that is a ton of games. You probably aren’t doing that for other teams.

This is especially true for college.where there are a ton of teams and rooting interest is often related to either a local team or the school you went to.

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Remember those are XFL week one numbers. We will see but I’m guessing a big drop this week.

And NBA ratings are way down this year, hence all the discussion about making changes to the regular season

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There is also not much competition in Saturday and Sunday afternoons. That’s one of the reasons why the XFL picked this time of the year to debut.

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