Why did Sasha Banks attack Natalya?

Someone explain this one to me.

She’s off TV for four months and this is the best they can do to bring her back. Oh, she’s also got blue hair now too.

Her answer to why she did what she did was - “you’re welcome” - wtf. It was made even more awkward by Michael Cole attempting to sound smart and “interrogate” her. Just a painful, cringe segment that did nothing for anyone.

She will not get over as a heel if this continues. Wasn’t Natty basically a heel before? And why continually bring up the Anvil. It’s just so pointless.

Let Banks talk on the mic and explain her motivations. If she flops, she flops. None of this half-pregnant crap. A bad turn, a bad segment and people who don’t talk like a normal person would speak.

Horrible, and another nail in the coffin for Sasha.

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Are her and Bayley still best friends?

Rather would have seen her attack Bayley for moving on without her; let her claim that championship with her Blue hair, and then have Becky continue to cut her down for not coming after her setting up a Champ vs Champ survivor series showdown.

Granted, Becky needed this feud more, but the Smackdown title scene is so bland.


Makes more sense except Bailey is not Becky and knowing WWE if they waited on the Becky program they would screw it up somehow. I do think Sasha needs to beat Becky and then have a decently long title run. If not you will just kill her momentum and end up back with Becky having no challengers.

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Hasn’t all Sasha’s title runs ended pretty abruptly. Maybe no successful title defenses (I could be mistaken on that).

You are correct so believe that was one of her major reasons for “leaving”. Tag titles had one successful defense(49 days), her Raw title run prior to that was 8 days (SummerSlam 2017)

Her first and second title runs were 27 days. Third was 20 days.

So she has never had the title for more than a month.

They could have a hair vs hair match, but instead of shaving the others head, they dye their hair some weird color.


Love it! Book It!

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Do you think Sasha stopped watching the product during her hiatus and thought Becky was SD champ still and she’d be on the Blue Brand?

Sasha attacked her because Natalya let out a rancid fart when they were doing squats together backstage.

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It was a brilliant angle and beat down.

Sasha did it because we were subjected to Natalya in a main event just because it was Toronto.

No one outside Canada cares about her. She’s a decent reaction but she hardly gets a reaction in the US, she’s a horrible actress and promo and is a lifelong mid-carder.

Sasha was “saving us” from having to see her in the main event ever again and reintroducing top level talent. There are no viable top talents left to challenge Bayley or Becky apart from Charlotte. The rest are jokes now or in a useless Tagteam like Kari and Asuka.

Sasha is playing the heel who is here to save the audience like Jericho does.

Was on point

No. She simply said you’re welcome. What you said makes logical sense but the character herself needs to say that.

Wait and see:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Ok, the initial attack lacked any motivation. Fine. It’s wrestling. Their job is to go out and beat someone up. I’m willing to overlook slight lapses in logic. But then to book a segment the next week; you’re just drawing attention to the lack of motivation and just hurting the performer. And, subjecting us to more stupid Michael Cole interviews. That is just unnecessary

Yeah. They need more time. Four months wasn’t enough to come up with any rational explanation for an attack.


You’re right…nail in the coffin already.

May as well retire her…this one segment was so bad, she needs witness protection.

Also…4 months of what? She came back…that’s all You need to know.

You either think the audience is stupid, or you just need everything spoon-fed to you.

If they simply moved past the attack on to something else without explanation then you can complain but we’re still in the first phase of Sasha/Natalya. “Wait and see” is a fair response to this thread.

Yeah the audience is stupid. They probably think every show WWE has ever done is at least a 7/10

Not being a jaded prick is somehow a bad thing nowadays? :roll_eyes:

Why even bother.