Why do so many people want out of AEW?

Just saw that in addition to Malaki Black now Buddy Mathews and Andrade want out. What’s going on did something happen? Is this all related to CM Punk situation? Seems all of a sudden lots of talent want out but I can’t seem to find a reason why

The three you named are former wwe guys, and vince is gone so I don’t know.

It’s just weird. Every day it seems like there’s a new person coming out, with buddy Matthew’s and then Andrade today.

It makes me wonder was there some issue where WWE somehow think these guys can come back even though they are on contract? Seems like tampering

Yeah there were reports WWE tried to tap people up and these 2 would make sense.

Seems a real shame as Buddy Matthews has been great IMO.

Andrade was in a weird spot but it was still 10 times better then what he was previously doing in WWE.

These guys though have had a taste of WWE wages so maybe the thought of returning is just too tempting.

Malakai black and Andrade’s significant others are in WWE. They never wanted to leave WWE. They were let go and signed probably a low-ball deal with AEW because that was the only serious place they could go.

If they would now be welcomed back to WWE and make more money it makes sense they would want to go back. It might not matter that they will not get to do 30 minute matches or curse on TV. They would get to travel with their wives all around the world.

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It’s like I keep saying since Cody left, these guys all grew up on WWE. No matter how bad booking has been and how shit the stories have been, it has still always been the number 1 company. These guys dreamed of being the WWE Champion and wrestling at Wrestlemania. You combine that with a change at the top and people feeling like they will have a better shot in the company now and it’s a bad mix for AEW.

What these guys seem to be failing to realize though, is that WWE is also stock piling on talent now, so they shouldnt expect that things will magically be better once they go back.


I think what’s going on is that suddenly AEW has more leaks than the Iraqi navy.

Also these guys want to be with their significant others, who are now travelling a lot more.

Buddy Matthews was a pointless signing to me. I do like Andrade and Malakai and think AEW did drop the ball with both guys, especially Malakai.

But if guys at this level want to go, I would let them. They will find they have to work more for probably less money and still be in the same spot or lower. So good luck


In addition to the reasons listed above, both Andrade and Black are former NXT champions on HHH’s watch.

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Andrade being disappointed with his AEW run is fair, he hasn’t been used well and he’s a great performer. He’s either leading a bad faction or getting a few matches. Off TV then appearing without a storyline. Matthews, I’m not sure what would disappoint him, the House of Black is a good deal to get him started and AEW has a slower burn with their factions. Malakia Black didn’t leave because he was disappointed, he is taking a mental health break, and some of it was him recovering from tough injuries.

Miro, should be upset with his use. Aside from his TNT title run, he’s been on/off TV and in/out of stories.

AEW ballooned its roster too quickly and there is more talent than TV time.

They committed to building new stars in Wheeler Yuta, Daniel Garcia, The Acclaimed, the Gunn Club, Dante Martin, and others, while not investing in some of their big signings and women’s division. Not that young stars shouldn’t get a chance, but it makes for a difficult environment for those being neglected.

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There are plenty of reasons why somebody might want to leave between personal, professional, financial, etc. But as far as identifying any possible common denominators, there are a few:

From talent perspective, I think it could be a “grass is always greener” situation. The guys who thought they would be better used in AEW now think they’ll be better used in the “new” WWE. Some will be right and some will be wrong. Can’t forget that – even in the days of zero kayfabe – just about everybody thinks that they should be world champion. So the definition of “properly used” may vary wildly from person to person.

Also, some guys also got caught in the wake of AEW needing to build a roster from scratch. Guys were signed with little or no plans in mind because Tony needed to know what his roster looked like before those plans were made.

And this one is more opinion than fact, but it feels like there’s a defined “boys club” in AEW – like if the Kliq was literally in charge of WWE in 1995. And if you’re not a part of it, you’re always going to be on the outside looking in when push comes to shove.

The talent who have significant others in WWE want to leave AEW. Go figure. Any other cross company relationships?


I think there are a lot of reasons for this. First and foremost I think it’s the Triple H factor. Performers that probably felt they would be stuck under a glass ceiling now likely feel like they will actually have a chance, especially those who thrived under Hunter in NXT.

Secondly, like @Rated_R_Poster said, Cody making the jump and doing so successfully is a big deal. He knows most of these performers and if they are thinking of jumping, that’s the first person they will likely call and he is going to say positive things, he has influence.

I’m sure having significant others in WWE is a factor as well, and lastly with AEW having a bloated mens roster, this was bound to happen as you can only feature so many people.

I get Andrade and Black, but I’m surprised by Buddy Murphy, I don’t see him being in a better place in WWE, but who knows.

My mildly educated guess is that HHH was the one advocating for Buddy Murphy during his whole run with Rollins. If that’s not the case, I don’t foresee any difference (other than money) between his station in AEW vs. WWE.

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I always thought he was one of Heyman’s guys who he pushed for during the time he was handling creative for Raw.

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I actually think Miro has been treated fine, he’s been hurt for most of the summer. I also don’t see him wanting to go back. His wife isn’t there and he has plenty of side projects going on that he wouldn’t be able to do with a wwe schedule

I don’t think he wants to go back to WWE, I said he could be disappointed with a lot of his AEW run since returning he’s been on/off tv with more singular promos going nowhere.

I had a thought yesterday and I wonder if the issue is not how AEW uses people but what we as fans expect.

Did Jake the Snake and Million Dollar man have disappointing careers because they never won the big one. They had some awful programs but are legends.

In WWE there was a period where everyone could win the title and did and do we remember all of them as ‘greats’ no we dont.

Some wrestlers are just gonna be mid-card but the fact AEW makes me care about the mid carders is a credit to them. If the House of Black had won the trios tournament I wouldn’t have been surprised or shocked. The fact the Acclaimed can win the title and people love it just shows anyone can but not everyone will and that’s fine.


That’s because of Hulk Hogan holding the title for almost 5 years. From 1984 until 1990 they had only Hogan and Savage win the title. That’s a little difficult to penalize guys for versus now where the title changes hands much more frequently (AEW at least).

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I don’t think it does change hands that much.
Obviously recently they’ve had the problems but Jerico, Moxley, Omega, Hangman and Punk since 2019 isn’t bad. and You’d assume Punk would still be champion now.

My main point though was what do we consider success?
I consider A.Black’s AEW career a huge success. He’s awesome and in an awesome stable. They may have had a few big loses but theyve been kept strong and on their day can beat anyone.
Not everyone can hold the big belts and not everyone does. Mr Perfect was a bloody legend and never got his head above Intercontinental championship (unless I’m mistaken).

Both WWE and AEW really struggle with their lower level belts IMO. Intercontinental really meant something in the 80’s and 90’s but now unless your fighting for the world championship I think we consider people a failure…maybe im wrong.

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Malaki Black in AEW is not a success. Come on he barely did anything. He might have had he stuck around but he was barely getting started.

Back in that era because the title changed hands so infrequently the IC title was also very valuable. Mr. perfect held that for quite a while. Same with tag titles.

It’s not like now era these titles change hands and you have no idea who the North American TNT champion is. AEW has like eight or nine titles for no reason

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