Why were Bayley and Sasha broken up?

So Bayley and Sasha have a million matches with the Riott Squad for months on RAW, then win an elimination chamber in an “emotional” moment to win the titles.

Then they lose them a few weeks later at Mania to Royce/Kay for no apparent reason.

Royce and Kay are booked like a joke, never win matches and are there for eye candy/comedy.

Meanwhile, Banks has taken off and may not come back and Bayley is floundering on Smackdown and losing matches.

What was the purpose of breaking the team up? Why put the titles on Royce/Kay? Why even have womens tag titles in the first place if they’re going to be treated like a joke?


I was so mad when Bailey lost against Charlotte. She deserves so much more. I love it when she’s mad and becomes more agressive. I would love a Dark Bailey, without the ponytail dressed in black with a dreary music.She could be so sexy and badass. That would be my favourite character. I would buy all the merch.

Instead they are killing her.

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No real reason other than they make a lot of shitty booking decisions.

She only lost to the woman who is supposed to be god tier in the women’s division…but I guess that’s now a burial, even after being competitive to the point of of almost beating her.

When this Becky 2 Belts nonsense is over…who do you think is going to be the next one? Think.

They realy shouldn’t have won the tag title in the first place in my opinion. It should have gone the IIconics from the get go instead of giving them another accolade. Nothing against Bayley as i think she getting a raw deal out of all of this but she still getting more exposure then a lot of the current roster. As for Sasha, yeah it sucked but again if i was WWE i wouldn’t have given them the accolade of being the first champions mostly because that was the downfall of the team.

They did this i feel mostly because they wanted yet another moment in the women’S revolution for members of the WWE horsewomen and didn’t think farther then that. Then at mania they went with the real plans for the titles which was to put them on a Heel team.

As far as the IIconnics is concern. I don’t mind it as much as i don’t really cares about win and loses in wrestling. For me, i don’T treat it as a real sports, it’s just entertainment and the IIconics are pretty much playing their roles as chicken shit heel right now and doing a really good job as champions.

Vince decided to

Seriously? The IIconics are complete trash in the ring. It’s horrible to even watch them wrestle. They look like low budget Indy wrestlers. Absolutely horrible


So what? So they don’t wrestle the style of wrestling you like. That doesn’T make them bad wrestlers, it just make them wrestlers you don’t like and by the way, who are you to judge who’s horrible in the ring? Really, did you go to wrestling school or wrestled at less one match?

That what’s wrong with some wrestling fans today. They think because they watch a ton of wrestling, listen to a lot of podcast and read every newsletters then suddenly they know everything about wrestling when in reality they know nothing.

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Are you on your meds?

Does Meltzers opinion count? Bc he thinks they are horrible and suck too. Or let me guess his doesn’t either ?

I don’t have to goto wrestling school to see that someone is better than another person in the ring. That’s insane.

If you really feel that they are great in the ring that’s your business. I would bet the vast majority would agree with meltzer

I have followed their career from the start. They were actually better in NXT. I can name a few good matches that they had. So far, I have only enjoyed their elimination chamber performance.


If we’re saying IIconics suck in the ring…are we going to pretend Saeha Banks hasn’t botched once a match average and almost hurt herself on her dives or Bayley has blown spots in almost all her main roster matches and always completely whiffs on that sliding dropkick on the corner?

I find the iiconics very entertaining. They feel like a real team as well which I appreciate in the tag champions.

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I would have to go with that they were some of the only women not sacrificed to make the Mania main event, and they needed singles competitors for Becky. The build to that event Jobbed out most of the roster. I actually have more issue with the Asuka/Kairi pairing than the Banks/Bailey split.

Do you know what the role of a chicken shit heel actually is? It’s not getting pinned clean in a minute every week - that is a jobber - which is what the Iiconics are and why they shouldn’t be champs.

You can have a opinion on wrestlers all you want, it’s your right but they’re a difference between having a opinion and saying wrestler A is a horrible wrestler just because you don’t like their style. Personally, i’m not a fan of charlotte and sasha banks, i feel they get so much lee way from fans and journalist because they wrestled a more modern style of wrestling and that what they like but that just a opinion and i don’t think they are horrible just because i don’t like it.

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i think they just broke up because vince changed his mind.

sasha and bayley were good choices for the inaugural reign if the plan was to elevate the belts because they’re solid wrestlers and could’ve put together solid defenses given the right opponents. also they lobbied for the belts to exist.

unfortunately, main roster booking is short term and poorly executed.
putting the belts on the iiconics would seemingly indicate they’re taking them in a comedy direction. so they’re just gonna get jobbed out on the tv matches and win the big title matches probably with cheating.

@Alex_Patel i believe @psykohurricane was just trying to say they’re good entertainers given their roles right now. they’re definitely not top tier in the ring but their characters are probably not meant to or even allowed be portrayed that way as well.

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Can we get an updated plot detail from
Whoever left the feedback a while back detailing the Sasha Bayley feud.

LOL do you even watch the product you constantly criticize? It’s how they book heel tag champs forever.

Booked just like the revival…look at that? Equality.

Let’s be honest, this tag division wasn’t a good idea. There are 3 actual tag teams and none of them are that good.

I like Bayley & Sasha as singles competitors and hopefully Sasha can come back and can actually be utilised better on Raw. Otherwise we’re stuck with having to watch Lacey Evans or Alexa Bliss trying to wrestle.

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I’m actually hoping Sasha goes to AEW. Her and Bayley were so over in NXT and now look at them jobbing