William Regal addresses speculation about his exit from AEW

Originally published at William Regal addresses speculation about his exit from AEW

William Regal has gone on record to clarify some details of his exit from AEW.

Regal, who returned to WWE at the beginning of 2023, wanted to be clear that he did not press Tony Khan about wanting to leave while the AEW boss was visiting his mother in hospital.

Khan mentioned in a December media call that one of his conversations with Regal took place outside the hospital where his mother, Ann Carlson Khan, was being treated.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Regal outlined the timeline of his request to leave and stated that he was not aware that Khan was at the hospital during the start of one of his phone calls.

“Time is all I have,” he stated, when talking about his reasons for wanting to leave. Regal also said that he was thankful for his time at AEW with “close friends and the amazing crew.”

In full, Regal’s tweets state:

Just so anyone who wants to know the truth. I know Tony summed up a few conversations we had with quick answer. FYI, Tony called me at 9 pm on a Sunday night and I discussed my reasons for leaving were time spent where I won’t to be.

Then and I only then did he tell me where he was and what problems he was having. I told him to get off the phone and take care off his family and he shouldn’t be talking to me know. I also realise he has summed up conversations with brief answers.

We eventually talked about me leaving 2 weeks later in Jacksonville. Time and time spent was the reasons for my leaving, no agenda for anything else. I have lived through some serious times in 2018/19 and realize time is all I have.

I had a great time in AEW and are thankful for the time I spent there with many of my close friends and the amazing crew. I just want to make that public so people stop misinterpreting it.

It’s sad that people in our job can’t realize that you can be a decent human being without having an agenda or taking advantage. This is the last time I will mention this.

Again, I would like to thank AEW for there gracious acceptance of me and for Tony to take me onboard.

And just so you know, there’s a few spelling mistakes in my last tweets but I spent too much time at school daydreaming of being a Pro Wrestler. Aew we’re very kind to me and I enjoyed my time there. I made the most of my time there and NEVER double crossed anyone.

Good to see Regal setting the record straight but Jesus Christ he should have had someone proof read, grammar and punctuation check. That was rough reading lol.

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