Womens match added to Crown Jewel

I agree with other comments - we shit on wwe every year but this is real progress.

Anthony Joshua is going there - I dont see them getting a Katie Taylor fight. WWE has made a real progression

This match means nothing. It will not change the day to day lives of women in Saudi Arabia. WWE can tout it all day as a positive step, but in the grand scheme of things, if things change for Saudi women, this match will play no role in that change.

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Thank you.

People telling me not to be cynical - and that this is step in the “right direction”.

Guys, these are shows paid for by a Monarchy with a tremendous amount of human rights violations. WWE is a willing puppet to parade around a facade of progress for this kingdom. It’s gross. Nothing is “changing” because WWE is allowed to showcase female talents.

These shows are disgusting. Nothing has changed about that.

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These saudi shows so far have been awful in every aspect. Yes. But among all this garbage, I would prefer a crowned jewel with a women’s match rather than without. It doesn’t matter why it’s there.

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How can you say that? WWE has been pushing for this and finally MBS gave in and they are getting a women’s match. The Saudi Sports authority bowed to the pressure of WWE.

You can attack WWE for everything wrong they do but this time they are doing good

I think he can say that because it will change nothing in their society. There will either be an uprising, pressure from a foreign government, or something like that which may affect change. Two women wrestling on a WWE show will not be the catalyst for change.

With that being said, I hope I’m wrong and WWE can affect positive change.

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Before anyone praises WWE or criticizes them, let’s make sure the match happens. Because, as we all know, “plans change pal”.

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I really hope that none of their outfits get a hole in it. Wondering if they will have a 2nd lair under it.

Not expecting much of a match due to the heat and outfits also I think that they would have to be extra careful.

Special guest ring announcer and commentator, Stephanie McMahon

I’m thinking Natalya vs. Lacey may be the first-ever beekeeper outfits match!

Nobody is thinking like this but we’re in a society where its normal for women with breast enhancement to preform athletics in tight clothing. They are not.

One of the funniest sentences ever


Makes sense now, why these two have been feuding now, 2 of the few married female wrestlers who can have their male escort accompany them in public. Would imagine Naomi would have had laceys spot if she and the USO’s weren’t in the bad books.

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I guess, next to a oppressive system like they have in Saudi Arabia, WWE is progressive