Worst WCW gimmick match

San Francisco 49ers match!

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The Uncensored 96 double cage match thing. Just a mess in every sense of the word. Boring, limited in what you can do, long, confusing and was in the corner of the arena where the fans couldn’t see it very well.

The only redeeming thing about it is John and Wai reviewing it.

Got to agree with the Doomsday cage, it was just a complete mess and a way for Hogan to make himself feel big.

I re-watched the graveyard match with Vampiro and the Demon, it was pretty bad.

Bruh… and ladies… it’s clearly, and with no doubt, Judy Bagwell on a pole match. But now that I think about it, it’s probably the best gimmick match ever! We need more old people on forklifts! VR doesn’t stand for virtual reality.

Most of the later years WCW “Item” on a pole matches:

  • “Viagra on a Pole match” - Shane Douglas vs. Billy Kidman
  • “The San Francisco 49ers Match” Booker T vs. Jeff Jarrett (for the vacant WCW Championship)
  • “Judy Bagwell on a Pole(/ Forklift) Match” - Buff Bagwell vs. Kanyon

What about that junkyard match bullshit they did? I mean, everything else was SILLY but that injured a buncha folks.

A lot of good example have been mention already but I would say the worst one was the king of the road match.

Outside of the fact that this match cost Dustin Rhodes and Barry Darrow their jobs. It was a stupid concept that was very dangerous for the competitors.

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I remember a First Blood match featuring Vampiro one time, I think it was on Thunder, where they dumped fake blood all over whoever was in the ring from the rafters and called it a day because they couldn’t tell if the guy was bleeding or not… He wasn’t.

Was this the time the blood bath totally missed Nash?

I genuinely don’t remember. I was doing something else at the time and only half paying attention, then the announcers reacted and they replayed it and I looked at the TV and saw them dump “blood” on the guy(s?) in the ring and call it a match. I remember Vampiro being involved in some manner and I feel like he was almost definitely one of the guys in the match but other than that I’m blank on it. I very, very rarely ever saw WCW during it’s run and Thunder just happened to air on Channel 5 over here, which is a free channel, so (as someone who liked wrestling but never got to watch it) I checked it out - I think I’d caught one other episode before that one and I never watched again after it. Sunday Night Heat on Channel 4 it was not.

Cool cool. I vaguely remember them not being able to call it “blood.” But then there was Scott Steiner going off on everyone … FAT ASSES.

JT I believe it was Vampiro and Sting on Nitro. I remember the guys on Keep It 2000 reviewing it and OSW reviewed the Thunder after as that was the infamous show where David Arquette won the WCW title. The reason I remember it was Sting is he showed up on Thunder covered in day blood, implying that the man has changed or showered since he was covered in it.

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I’ll get roasted for this one, but I’m going with War Games for just some particulars about it.

I think it should have been ‘Survivor Series in a Cage’. That would have been a solid, awesome idea. To have just one guy needing to quit (submit) and much of the time it was J.J. Dillon, that doesn’t seem to be much of a ‘war’ to me. That sounds like just a ‘battle’ if one guy quitting can end the whole thing.

Secondly, to have no chance of the match ending until everyone is in, a.k.a. the Match Beyond kinda puts those 20 minutes on ‘snooze button mode’. (wake me up when everyone is in) Now, obviously they’re can still be some good stuff going on in those 20 minutes, but under the Survivor Series rules, people would be eliminated during that time keeping the audience engaged.

Thirdly, the heels have won the coin flip all 32 times in NWA/WCW/NXT. Yes, I realize the heat building structure of the 2 on 1 heel dynamic, but I’m beginning to think that the heels have inserted a ‘rigged coin’. Under my Survivor Series rules, a heel and a face would enter at the same time (2 minutes, 5 minutes, whatever the bleep). We could still have these 2 on 1 heel heat building situations as wrestlers would be eliminated as we go.

Fourthly, I don’t have a fourthly. May the fourthly be with you.

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Heels are smart, that’s why they always win the coin toss.

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War Games always sucked. Just a stupid clusterfuck.

Elimination Chamber is so much better.

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To quote the disgraced HOFer Terry “You must be this tall to holler at my daughter” Bollea, Let the celebration…Er…Roasting begin, guys!

While I respect your opinion; I think you’re wrong, brother. I see a lot of folks comparing War Games to Survivor Series or the Elimination Chamber. I can see the similarities, but honestly the more apt comparisson is another Federation PPV altogether. War Games was a lot like the Royal Rumble in that when it was booked properly it was fantastic…And when it wasn’t, it was a bloated trainwreck.

The concept worked extremely well from 1987 up until the early 90’s (the WG match at WrestleWar '91 might be one of my favorite matches ever). The concept was pretty much killed with the abysmal 3-way WG match in ‘98 (and you’ll hear my thoughts on War Games 2000 later this year). It’s definitely a convoluted match…But convoluted matches are kind of baked into the bread of pro-wrasslin’. When done right, the match can provide some of the best in-ring drama around.

I was pleasantly surprised by the NXT-ized version of the match last year, so there’s hope that the match can work for future generations and not just be something that old-school fans reminisce about! :100:



My only real problem with Wargames is nothing matters until the last guy enters…thus making everyone still fighting it out before that ridiculous.

I could hate my opponents for a hockey game, but I’m not going play until the game actually starts…it’s like playing hard, hitting people into the boards and getting into scrums at the opening skate.

Eliminations would’ve worked better, gives heels an advantage when you want it to, and it gives real focus on the ending and your cameramen don’t have strain themselves trying to get decent shots over all those bodies behind a fence.

That being said…worst gimmick match was the 49ers match

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:100:% agree. I really enjoyed the match as I thought they made a few tweaks (more room up top, all competitors didn’t single file into the match, the in between the rings seemed more defined). I certainly will cop to a shaky memory from the matches of previous lore. I don’t recall enjoying too many of them, but I certainly could have missed out on the better ones that you’re mentioning. I was more going for an overall structure point (and mostly the only one person needs to ‘lose’ for the team to lose, not much of a war).

Just saw this panel is going to be at the ALL-IN weekend: