Wrestle Kingdom 13 - Who's in?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been planning a trip to Japan for a long time, and now I’ve decided to go all-in on NJPW’s marquee event: Wrestle Kingdom 13 at the Tokyo Dome.

Is anyone else considering making the trip? Thought it could be fun to have a POST meet-up and hang with other foreigners.

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I’m planning on attending the show too. My wife and I were always planning to go in December and so we will extend our trip until January 5 to make it work. A POST meetup would be fun! Let’s make it happen!

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Sadly I can’t get time off work, so I won’t be there.

I’ve been saving up for the same thing. A meet-up would be fun!

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@nujabes @BeatleRyan Sounds great! Glad to hear a few POST Marks are making the big trip.

@Chris_Thunder Sorry you won’t be able to make it. WK14?

Am I insane for planning to jump through a few hoops in order to purchase a royal seat ticket?

No judgement. It’s weird to think that paying to ship the seat home is probably the easiest part of it all.

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I’d possibly go to Dominion or G1 finals. Just working in hospitality (bar work) I’m unable to get time off during the Australian summer. Christmas & New Years the weeks before & Australia Day a few weeks after.

Honestly unless I either win lotto or quit work it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be at a WrestleKingdom any time soon.

@BeatleRyan @nujabes WH Park just posted this: https://twitter.com/whpark9/status/1057616598926684160


Hey guys, I’m from England and I’m off to Wk13 in a few weeks, holidaying by myself for the first time so would be cool to meet up with some other people!