Wrestlemania 30 on ESPN ratings

Haven’t seen ratings yet so if anyone has em or finds them please POST

  • 1.5-2.5 mil
  • 2.5-3.5 mil
  • 3.5-4 mil
  • Over 4 mil

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I voted for the lowest one but I actually think it may be less than that.

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Wow @Tony is spot on. WM30 did not even break 1mil viewers Sunday. That is…really bad.

90 day Fiance on TLC did 3x the viewers.

Talking Dead (not even the actual show) did almost 1.5mil.

So much for thinking this was a hot property :thinking:

I think it is a big ask of people to tune in for a 6 year old show that is 4 hours long. The Network going “free” really kills those shows too. If I can fast forward to the matches I want to watch it is a lot more attractive than watching all the other garbage on most Mania shows.

The main target audience for these ESPN shows are (or should have been) lapsed/casual wrestling fans. These shows were presented as “classics”. Nobody within this target audience thinks of any remotely modern WrestleMania as “classic”. They don’t care, they want vintage shows and nostalgia.

If Vince wasn’t a man who’s seen the world pass him by and surrounded himself with yes men he would have realised this audience wants WM3, 17, 14 etc, not the watered down product he’s presented the last 15+ years. It’s the exact same revisionist mentality which has them now presenting John Cena as “The greatest of all time…”

Also, 90 Day Fiance can’t be competed with anyway. It’s one of the best shows on TV.

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If they really wanted to appeal to casuals they wouldn’t show full shows at all. They would do best of compilation shows. Like “Here are the greatest matches from Mania over the last 35 years.” Like over the next say 5 weeks do the top 25 all time Iconic matches/moments or something. Or do it chronologically so people can watch stars come and go and get invested a bit.

But yeah no one wants last years Mania in large numbers. Not because it was bad, just because it is too much that they know nothing about.

I would have thought ESPN showing Mania would have reached 1.5mil by accident just out of the habitual nature of people throwing on ESPN. I was sadly mistaken.

Edit: it does appear this is the highest rated program on ESPN for the weekend. Perhaps in other times it would have accidentally drawn huge in bars etc. but certainly little appeal to the staying home culture we are in