Wrestlemania 35 to be 7.5 hours long?

Not so fun possibility here, but I went on my Rogers box so I can set my PVR recording of Wrestlemania. At this time, Rogers has the usual 5pm-7pm time slot set for the pre show, but the main show is blocked out to take place from 7pm-12:30am! This is crazy, if it actually is that long, then I will definitely be taking advantage of my PVR recording this year, because I can’t see how I can sit down and watch this entire show from beginning to end this year.

What do you guys think?

Does that include HHH’s entrance?

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I think his entrance this year is the reason this show is 30 minutes longer than last year. Lol.

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Wrestlemania 31: 2 hr. Preshow + 3hr 59min Show. Ended 10:59 EST.
Wrestlemania 32: 2 hr. Preshow + 4hr 52min Show. Ended 11:52pm EST.
Wrestlemania 33: 2 hr. Preshow + 5hr 10min Show. Ended 12:10am EST.
Wrestlemania 34: 2 hr. Preshow + 5 hr 10min Show. Ended 12:10am EST.

Seems to me that predicting that WM35 will be 5 hrs 30mins to end at 12:30am EST (if we’re lucky) seems about right considering that it has 16 matches on it which is two more than last year.

Since i’ll be watching at home, probably already in bed watching on my tablet by that point I really don’t have much of an issue with it. Plus i’m in the CST time zone so it ends at 11:30am which is slightly more palatable.

But the people predicting the crowd leaving early and being dead by the main event are probably right since it will be around 50 degrees Farenheight by then and they will have realistically been at the stadium 8+ hours by that point. Which would be a real shame because at 10pm EST in an indoor stadium after a 4 hour show the crowd should be erupting for Becky, Charlotte, Ronda. Not just whispering for WWE to get on with it and end the show.



I was already crabbing about this in the other thread but I thought the last couple had ended right before midnight. This is fan abuse :confused:

I’ll never understand the complaining about the length of a show. If I feel bad for anyone, its people like John & Wai who have to sit through it for their jobs. The WWE doesnt force anyone to buy their shit, you as fans make that choice to buy tickets and sit through it. You as fans make the choice to watch it live and watch all the crap.

I’ll happily record it and watch it the next morning, skipping through the shit I’m not interested in and get through it at a decent time. If I decided to take the night off to watch live, well that is my stupidity.

Its more about the quality of the show I think. New Japan has proven you can have a 4-5 hour show and its solid if booked proper. Yes I know Wrestlemania is longer, but that is only if you’re a moron that actually watches the entire 2 hour preshow.

That’s a good point. I watch a 7 hour UFC event almost weekly yet I’m never bored by the time the main event hits, and neither is the crowd. Obviously sports are different then wrestling, but maybe it’s about properly building up a show, and giving people the opportunity to miss things they might not care about, instead of the strange way the WWE does it, with cool down/filler matches and shit like that.

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I love how each match on a big New Japan show, gains in importance. Solid matches and the layout of those matches are so important. I really dont want to see Rollins/Lesnar, followed by Joe/Mysterio and then the main event. That Joe/Mysterio match is going to die, no matter how good those 2 are, because you know it is a lower tiered match on this card.

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And just thinking about crowd reaction, I can’t think of a UFC event where the crowd was “burnt out” by the main event. Typically the anticipation just builds and builds as the fight order is sort of tiered in interest and importance, and those cards usually go from 6pm until past 1am. Perhaps audience plays a role in that (less children, maybe more alcohol. and like I said, a sporting event as opposed to a show) but there is just something strange to me about the whole “audience is going to be burnt out” thing. Its like you said, more often then not its just that strange WWE card ordering.

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Hope they put 4 matches on the pre-show, give us fewer panel discussions, no social media lounge and drop the whole host nonsense.

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They need to put 6-7 matches on the pre-show to fit the rest in 5 1/2 hours.

The WWE has repeatedly shown that they can’t book a five plus hour show that fans care about.

Then we get the dead crowd.

There’s one of the complaints. Doesn’t seem hard to understand…

I suppose it could be argued that the problem is the quality, but I don’t see that (easily) changing any time soon. The length of the show can certainly be tweaked.

I guess I’m still missing the upside to adding those extra 4-6 matches.

the weird thing about this is that i’m kinda have a bad feeling this event is that even with that much time allocated to the event on the network, i wouldn’t be surprise if they have a over run and this show end a 1 in the morning which i feel is ridiculous at this point. Glad that i’m recording the show because i can’t see myself sitting through a 8 hour show.

I show miss the early wrestlemania when you could have a 17 match card and fit them all into a 3 hour time slot with intermission.

I’m probably going to bed by 10 PM unless the current match is of particular interest to me. Will pick up where I left off in the morning. WWE Network is a beautiful thing.

I am a big fan of the NXT PPV format because the length is always perfect and the crowd doesn’t die. I just find those WWE PPV’s long, for no reason. They put everyone on the card to reward them. I think it’s more of a reward when you are genuinely needed on a card not just thrown into this maelstrom like everyone else. It is completely meaningless.