Wrestlemania 37 Sting vs Undertaker

The Boneyard match got me thinking that a similar style match & production would be perfect not only for prolonging Undertaker’s career but the perfect setting for the long awaited Sting vs Undertaker dream match.

Maybe a Crow’s nest match (whatever that might entail)

Both have the gimmick for it & it would protect both men & save them from working a traditional match.

As John & Wai mentioned I think a once a year match in this style could give Undertaker another 5 years & could help some potential matches we never thought we’d see happen at all or again come to fruition.

Undertaker vs Sting

Undertaker vs Steve Austin

Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan

& for pure Campy See No evil Vibes
Undertaker vs Kane

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

Yeah honestly I’d like to see Undertaker vs Kane just to see that whole storyline completely wrapped up. They could even have a ton of calls to the past with people like Foley, Lita, Snitsky, XPac, hologram Paul Bearer, RVD, Brother Love, Ted Dibiase, etc

It could be hilariously awesome and end with Kane being burnt alive and dying


Anyone that has gone on to do a movie or tv show should have a bit of experience in this type of thing, so a Stone Cold return might be possible, even if it isn’t likely

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The Fiend/Bray Wyatt.

They’ve got to cross paths sometime, wouldn’t they?

Stone Cold vs. Hulk Hogan!

Don’t forget Katie Vick!!!

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I don’t want to see any of those matches. But then again, I would also probably think that both the Boneyard and Funhouse matches were awful if I hadn’t seen them for myself.

Honestly think I’d be just as excited for a Firefly Funhouse Match between Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton as I’d be for a Boneyard Match between Undertaker and Sting…which is both off the charts.

We are not giving anywhere near enough credit to AJ Styles and John Cena for their work opposite Undertaker and Bray Wyatt respectively. They both helped make these matches work.

Even in a filmed environment Undertaker still needed AJ, Gallows and Anderson to punch around and take all the bumps to make him look like a badass. Sting and Taker would have been two cripples taking moves onto crash pads.

The better opponents would still be wrestlers near their prime who could take a beating. Taker vs Demon Finn Balor or Taker vs Messiah Rollins would work much better and would still be lots of fun.

The same goes for Cena in Brays Firefly Funhouse. You would need another character with a lot of history and a willingness to do anything to make it work. Daniel Bryan or Triple H come to mind.

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