Wrestlemania Build Up

What are you all most excited for?
What are the toilet break matches?
Which night will be better?
Is the story going to finish?

Shall we do a predictions game (for fun)

Both main events, Rhea/Becky, and I’m a mark for Gunther and KO.

Bayley/Iyo and Rollins/McIntyre will be fine. And maybe LA/AJ or Uso v. Uso will be a surprise, but I can’t say I’m particularly looking forward to either.

The rest, I could take or leave. I’m sure the ladder match will have something cool.

Most Excited:
Roman vs Cody. I want to see Cody finally “finish the story” and redeem himself after last years main event with the win. Also interested in seeing what they do this year to differentiate it from last year. Bloodline rules should make this a crazy match. Rock and the Bloodline will interfere but who else will too?

Toilet break matches:
I like the Street Profits so I don’t expect this to be a terrible match. But the weakest match on the card is The Pride vs the Final Testament. The rest of the matches all look good to me.

What night will be better:
History says night 1 exceeds expectations. Plus the wow factor of seeing the stage and entrances. Since WWE went to two night Wrestlemania s night 1 has been better.

Does Cody finish the story:
Yes! Yes! Yes!

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I wasn’t as down on last year’s finish as many (at least not as far as it being a “point of no return” for the Cody/Bloodline story). And despite their best efforts, WWE has managed to kick out of several blunders in the past year to have a pretty hot main event on their hands. But I think this year, Cody HAS to “finish the story” and win the title. I can’t picture a realistic scenario where he doesn’t win and it’s not an absolute disaster.

Just listing to the Post Wrestling preview and Night 2 shoulds completely missable.

I’m tempted by night 1 and for £10 I may just get the network and enjoy that Sunday afternoon. I’ll watch Cody match but night 2 has completely no interest for me.

Cody has to finish the story doesn’t he……doesn’t he?

Day 1 is mostly interesting to me, Day 2 is almost totally skippable to me, Mania is def a tale of 2 shows for me