Wrestlenomics: WrestleMania attendance outlook

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Vince McMahon and Steve Austin are likely to have matches at WrestleMania 38; Brandon Thurston and Chris Gullo discuss ticket sales for the two-day event as about one-third of its inventory is left to be sold.

Plus, a look at AEW Revolution tickets and a report that the event’s secondary market will be making a half-million-dollar profit on resales.

Video version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhUWMYBz340

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Great podcast guys.

As I live in the Dallas area I’ve been watching the tickets closely hopeful to find a deal that makes it worth going to the show. And I think there are a couple of things you missed.

The SeatGeek website does say that individual night tickets start at $35. Pretty reasonable. But when you actually start looking there is just one tiny section of $35. The lowest price for the majority of tickets even in the highest tiers is really $70 per night. And the two-night package starts at $140. And then increase exponentially. Third tier tickets are $200 per night. Second tier over $300 per night.

To me these are insanely high and I am astonished that WWE has already sold 100,000 tickets at these prices across two nights. But I don’t see them selling another 50-60K even if they pull out all the stops unless they start to offer some significant discounts. At which point fans like me would be a lot more interested in going.

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