Wrestling Fatigue

Now prior to all of the recent new/amended wrestling shows coming in, my life revolves around my job, my 19 month old daughter and, you know, day to day living, which in the UK means usually a choice of a very late night or a very early morning watch of most shows/events in order to get the latest before spoilers. However, now with all of the extra shows per week and several weeks in, I’m really feeling the burn on there being so much wrestling coming in. So my week usually looks like this, keeping in mind that a day probably means the following day for it being UK:
MON - Mostly listen to RAR and occasionally watch a YouTube version of the show, skip most of the 3 hour show and some mornings can probably watch it in about 15 minutes of the stuff I watch (i.e. I probably pay more attention to storyline progression, less so on the actual wrestling).
TUE - Try to watch Powerrr or Dark, but hardly ever get chance to do so so this gets banked until later in the week or the following week meaning I won’t get to watch either. Maybe try and catch up with what I may have missed on the weekend. Try to sleep due to a baby that is always awake/
WED - Panic used to set in on what of the wars I was going to watch and I’ve now just settled in to just watching NXT. Not in any way a knock on AEW - they have a great show. It’s simply a matter of where do I fit this in? I may go back some point in the week or following week to watch stand out matches or segments, so for now, Dynamite is treated like Raw in that i’ll catch up via RAD. NXT is the one show I will probably watch from start to finish most weeks across a few days.
THU - Wonder where the week has gone and try to catch up on all the stuff I may have missed. Get indecisive as there is too much to watch, give up and watch Netflix or something.
FRI - Smackdown - as this would be watched on a Saturday, maybe I’ll skip through the episode, maybe I won’t. Another show I’ll catch up via RAS.
And then the weekend will be a mash-up of big events where it’ll take me at least a week to really watch full matches, what I end up doing is skipping to the end of matches to get the results as I don’t want it ruined on social, so will go back and watch anything that stands out.

And that isn’t even talking about the specials on WWE, the events on NJPW World, Impact which I try to watch randomly and also going back and trying to fill the gap of wrestling I missed between 2002 and 2011.

So I’m feeling really tired and overwhelmed by the amount of wrestling to watch. I mean, it’s a great problem to have, but I wondered - how are people’s viewing habits going? Several weeks in, are you finding any major issues with keeping up with it all? Is anyone feeling like how TV/Films are now and services where trying to catch up with everything feels like an impossible task? Interested to see where people are at.

For me I don’t watch RAW or SD and just catch the podcast and highlights if needed.

Wednesday is my only day of watching and it used to be AEW but after last week I’ve switched to NXT I think going forward and will catch AEW based on the podcast and highlights.

Like you work and kids have prevented much else :slight_smile:

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It’s impossible right? For example, last night I had a rare spare 25 minutes and my mind was like “shit, you haven’t watched that Will Ospreay match, or that great match a few weeks ago on Dark, and you haven’t watched the Cole/Dunne match or the mens main event War Games match” and my brain just calmed down as I switched on the Broke Skull sessions interview with The Undertaker instead.

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Largely agree, I have 2 toddlers so watching even just all WWE programming in full is a no go. I usually catch you tube highlights for RAW or SD if my 15 mo is up overnight and needs a bottle. I watch NXT in full and AEW while I work from home on Thursdays, but other than NXT everything’s at this point is based on how busy I get. I love NXT because it is a good show with little required commitment of time.


Cut everything down to YouTube highlights whenever you start to feel the fatigue, it’ll make things a lot easier. Then, if something actually grabs you then you’ll actually want to see more and your love for wrestling will start to grow again. Things are less of a chore that way.

Oh the love for wrestling is still there, it’s just not the way it was a few years back I guess. I guess as all of our time becomes more limited, what is going to sneak through into my watching habits, and right now, it’s mostly NXT. But like everywhere else in the entertainment distribution space, everyone is desperate for people’s time, and mine is getting less and less os have to be picky.

I love how there are 3 dads in here feeling the same way - wrestling dads with no sleep but a love of wrestling unite!

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Working from home really helps when it comes to watching wrestling. Can usually have it on in the background when I’m doing stuff - though it does mean I half watch most things (but then I also then know something is good when it totally grabs my full attention and I stop working).

Still don’t watch everything though - I listen to the reviews first and then go and watch the shows/things that sound worthwhile.

I do this when I’m working from home if I have the house to myself. Unless it’s something particular interesting, I usually just look up when I hear the announcers pop and then catch the replay… never noticed how conditioned I am until I’m watching something old or non-WWE that doesn’t immediately replay every big spot.

Yeah I have a 3 monitor set up so I often will toss it on one monitor while working on the other 2. Focusing in when a match seems good.


I will at times become fatigued watching the product week to week but when I do I can always fall back on the POST Wrestling team.

I will never fatigue from listening to John’s head shakingly silly dad jokes, or Wai’s dulcet tones. I appreciate that these boys will endure the monotonous slog that is WWE TV, so that I don’t have to. The days that I get a W.H Park podcast is such a treat as well.

Shout out to BDE as well but I have yet to be fatigued by NXT.

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Considering the results of the thread How much wrestling do you watch a week? (Poll) there are several that watch less than 1 hour a week.

If you are really watching so little because so much of WWE and its competitors annoy you or bore you I recommend just quit watching! Take a break. Cut the cord. Go cold turkey. Go into rehab. No clips. No podcasts. No forum. No reddit. Find a new hobby for a bit.

I think a break from the barrage of wrestling content can be very good for someones sanity. And when you do eventually find yourself coming back to wrestling you have a new appreciation for it. At least I have when I’ve taken a break in the past. I especially always find a newfound respect for the wrestlers and the risks they take with every move in the ring when I start watching again.


I think most people watch RAW and Smackdown in highlights which is why it’s under an hour (or DVR and FF). It’s hard to sit through 5 hours of nonsense.

I’ve stopped watching both. I watch just AEW and NXT with a bit of fast forward

Im in my mid 30s with no kids and a 9-5 job. I theoretically have every evening and weekend free to watch wrestling but I’m still fatigued and having a break. No raw or smackdown in months, haven’t watched NXT since it stopped playing live on the network and I’ve missed a couple Dynamites too. Other than a couple Wrestling Observer Radios and Observer Lives, even my podcast listening is down to a few hours a week.

Cancelled New Japan World and WWE Network in September, but signed back up for the Network for SS and Takeover.

I feel like this happens every year around this time though and I’ll sign back up for New Japan World on January 3rd.

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Oh and I also bought the AEW ppv. I feel like there’s a growing number of people that keep up with storylines via YouTube clips and podcasts and just watch the big shows for the payoffs.

I am totally on board with wrestling fatigue right now. Thank goodness for John and Wai–they watch so I don’t have to.

I haven’t sat down to watch Raw or Smackdown in years–taking in mostly “A” level events only (Rumble, Mania, Summerslam, etc.) I didn’t even have an interest in watching Survivor Series this year and actually cancelled my Network subscription. (I do admit to missing the back catalog of old-school and territory wrestling though).

I watched AEW for the first few episodes, but missed the last 3. I watched most of the G1 over the summer, but cancelled World after it ended…there’s just not enough time.

With a job and family, I have about 2-4 hours a week to devout to watching TV and I choose to spend it on thinks like Watchmen, The Mandolorian, etc.

I am 100% relying on Post to keep me informed so I know when to jump in. Podcasts are such an easier way for me to stay up-to-speed–I listen in the car, at work, while doing chores around the house, etc.

After the holidays I plan to jump in for the Wrestle Kingdom and the Rumble–but nothing feels like appointment viewing right now.


Yeah I hear you. Especially since the NBA season will hit high gear after Christmas and the NHL. Too much going on.

I had to keep the network for Takeover basically since I like those. The main roster WWE has good PPVs for the big four. However the gimmick PPVs like HIAC and likely this TLC with no build usually suck. Like WTF is a chairs match and when has one ever been good. Isn’t it just a non DQ?

I don’t ever bother watching Raw or Smackdown. I have the network mostly to watch old WCW.

I also watch all of the WWE ppvs even if it is not that good most of the time. Plus I watch NXT episodes and takeovers.

The only show I actually watch live is AEW. I work night shifts and wake up early to watch it before work.

Once in a while I will order New Japan or All Japan for a month especially if the G1 or Champions Carnival is going on.

There is just no time for anymore wrestling especially when you are a soccer fan that watches all Toronto FC, and Benfica games. Plus I watch all Portuguese and Canadian national team games.

I am kind of in this boat relying on Youtube clips and podcasts like Post to stay current. Every 2-3 weeks I will turn Raw on while it’s live out of old habit and catch a couple of segments in the first hour, but I usually have it turned off by 8 Central Time.

WWE’s TV has gotten incredibly formulaic and bland, especially over the last 10 years. I no longer have the feeling anything can happen at anytime, and their big draws for special shows are almost always bringing back old timers and they’ve been to that well way too many times. One of the few things I think that genuinely surprised me on their TV in the last few years was Shane McMahon returning in 2016. Other than that, there aren’t many shocking surprises or storyline twists anymore.

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