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I think even the least fashion-conscious wrestling fan is aware of how dire a lot of mainstream wrestling-related apparel is. And sure, while we’re all aware of all the options at ProWrestlingTees.com, I thought it might be cool to share suggestions for more off-the-beaten-track merch designers.

Hardway Ltd does really cool “collection” type deals with odd bits of unexpected merch thrown in along with their very solid shirt designs. Their Shibata and Bull Nakano pieces were especially great.

Stashpages does some very cool throwback and repro type things, often with a focus on US/Japan intersections. They just reprinted their incredible Suzuki/Pancrase shirt and I was super happy to nab one.


Lastly, I’m guessing a lot of people have already heard of Heels & Faces thanks to podcast sponsorships. I really like their minimal design style, though it did take over three months for my order to arrive (within Canada).

Anyway, I’m always hunting for more cool wrestling shirts and gear, so if there are any other designers or shops out there doing cool things why not share them here?


I always keep an eye on https://privatehell.bigcartel.com/. They have short runs of some decent shirts. Looks like they are low stock at the moment (or were cease and desisted).

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If you’re in Japan, you gotta take a look at Minoru Suzuki’s Piledriver shop in Harajuku.


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Thanks! I actually just saw one of those Private Hell Gn’R/LIJ shirts out at a show last night, and I tried to get a friend who went to WK this year to hit up Suzuki’s shop for me (to no avail).

This place in Japan has some amazing stuff. Got a friend to pick me up the Black Bruiser Brody shirt when he was over for Wrestle Kingdom recently (you want to translate using Chrome!)


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Great call. Visited the Osaka shop today and picked up a shirt.

Bumping this back up for the purposes of letting people know about this:


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