Wrestling Observer Newsletter

I’m thinking about subscribing to the newsletter and am a bit confused about this. Was wondering if there were any subscribers here who can answer the following:

  • Does the $10.99 get hard copies sent to you?
  • If the 10.99 is digital only are they in PDF format so I can download and read them offline?

Any other comments welcomed. I’m not too keen on the podcasts, as I have enough in my queue these days.

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I can try. The subscription price is not for the print version. If you go to the f4wonline.com site and click on any daily updates it’ll have detailed info on how to subscribe and how to order print copies. I don’t really see the point of print. I think that’s more for older people who aren’t comfortable reading online or completionists.

You’re not really paying just for the newsletter. You’re getting numerous podcasts per week, the figure four weekly newsletter, the wrestling observer newsletter and the archive of all radio shows and most of the newsletters.

I read the newsletter off my phone every Wednesday. I believe there is an option to download the newsletter in pdf format. I prefer just to read it off the site in a few sittings each week.

If it weren’t for the newsletter I wouldn’t be here. Getting into the newsletter and the radio shows got me way into the journalism and drew me to John and wai. I preferred their shows way more even than the LAW flagship. And Dave also was a regular forever on the LAW.

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There’s information on print copies in this update. Plus, a shout out to @johnpollock is the first news item in the daily update. Good job John!

Ive been a subscriber off and on (mostly on) for 10+ years now. I only ever read the newsletters when there is a bio or something really big happens, maybe once a month, if that.

To me, the real value is the podcasts. Its just a lot easier to take the news in podcast format when i’m making my breakfast so I don’t have to sit and read it.

I’d recommend subbing for a month to try it and see what works best. I should also say the only wrestling podcasts I listen to are F4W and Post. Anythign else just doesn’t seem worth it.

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I’d highly recommend Dave’s story on Bruno Sammartino this week if you’re looking for an issue to start.

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I agree with John here, it’s a fantastic article.

This is the reason I subscribed. I went with the paper for 4 issues so I can see what its like and read it in bed (been trying to cut back on screen time).